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This server is a small community server yet. We are friendly, but being honest, a little inactive. There are only 9 people in the server yet. Later i will start streaming, and hoping that i can gather a few people to chat or game together.

Community server for the website https://fgcharts.com/.

TRASH 新 ドラゴン is a newage cyber collective, community and a gang active in wast areas of art, social, visual, music and fashion ... We are growing TRASH into a big community which you can be a part of. Bots, self-roles, many channels etc.

A hentai/NSFW server run by NSFW Instagram accounts

Jugar a cualquier cosa y webiar con el mudae aparte de haber lolis jugar lol

We are fun, laid back community whose main focus is on friendship. Although we have some NSFW channels, the majority of the server is SFW, however this means that this server is 18+! If you’re looking to make some solid friendships, com join in!

Join or be tonight’s biggest loser.

This Is Our SAMP Server To Chill And Live Chat With Funny Game Play Please Join.

Entra nel nostro fantastico server, trovi vari bot, dove poter interagire con essi!! Nel server poi parlare di tutto quello che più ti piace!

A server dedicated to yaoi and BL hentai! Come discuss and share your favourite yaoi series and have fun :)

In this discord server, you will be able to have fun and discuss several different topics such as montage editing and Valorant with peers.

Сервер для начинающих ютуберов стримеров и просто людей которые рады пообщаться и поиграть вместе!

This group contains but is not limited to professional traders within managed futures arena. Let's all connect and learn

I tried to make a good server not racist having fun not in pain

This a server used to hangout when gaming.