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If you dont like gays, join us!

A one of a kind, wholesomely driven and masterfully aesthetic community. A relaxing, authentic experience awaits!

GE HOMETOWN is a community based on giveaway,invite event,and many more exciting things

This chilled out server is mainly for making new friends and playing games. Staff is nice and you are comfortable in it.

The artist support project aims to help artists from all places and create a community to chill in!

🎉 PepeMojis is a brand new Emote server offering its users the finest pepe emojis on discord! Join now and have access to all of our 500 pepe emotes!

LOOKING FOR CHILL STONERS WHO LOVE TO GAME - A rather small and honestly a little dead server is looking for you to bring life to it! Come say HIGH!

Just a newly created shindo life server that is trying to grow.

We offer daily FREE money drop lobbies, premium modding services and more! All with a 0% ban rate. Start gaining millions now!

Hello! We are a Minecraft server hoping to grow big with lots of nice and friendly members!

Call of Duty Cold War Modded Lobbies

Chill, find gamers here, listen to music use our fun bots, hangout, and the owners are active everyday!

Are you tired of all these minecraft servers that all just seem to be the same with factions skyblock and they all have kits? Just want a vanilla experience? The Order of Light is a simple smp server for those who want just vanilla minecraft multiplayer

Hello beautiful server welcome to the Bear Nation. This server is home to Mr. Bear's fans. This server is all about having fun. There are amazing polls every week and you can play super fun games. You can play dank memer, poketwo, and pokemow.

A small gaming community wich will have a esports team and prized tournaments in the future. For bow it is focused in rocket league and fortnite but will have much more

Server is a friendly and safe environment for everyone. We make sure that everyone has fun.