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This is yet another community server with many different channels, categories, and multiple bots! The only conversation restriction for this server is no politics or religion or glorification of illegal activities, so feel free to discuss anything else!

a server for doja cat fans to make friends and share doja content!

2b2t, oldest server on…...

Small anime and gaming community! Come join and have some fun meeting chill people with similar interests

We are a discord server who will hopefully be a huge community server in the nearby future! This is a place where people can talk and socialize with other people

A community, gaming, and advertising server!

A place to talk meet new friends and find new people to play games with! Its a brand new server everyone is welcome.

shit server mainly for degenerates and discord mods

Join and advertise: Your discord server Your youtube channel Your social network profiles Your services

We Are A Simp Community :D If Your Looking For A Server To talk about belle delphine, pokimane and others then this is the perfect server for you! Although It Says NSFW it isn't that bad so anyone above 13 can join!

Hello! homo hideaway is a place for gay men to come and hang out that has NSFW channels along with gaming channels. ALL users must be 18+.

We create discord bots! We also provide coding help. We have Twitch notifications, YouTube notifications, Unlimited private channels, Self Promotion

A friendly little community were we come together and do as the mercy’s and play among us and other various games together.

(Please note that this is a server for teens only, not adults. 14-18) If you are teen looking for a place to talk and chill and make new friends, then this is the place for you. We are a growing community of teens looking for other teens to talk to you.

A chat and chill server! Chat with friends or bots. This server currently is very new and is in need of Moderators. Accepting suggestions!