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Willkommen bei ESK🏆 Bei uns gibt es folgendes: -Turniere -Bots -Mini Games -Aktive Community -Ein tolles Team

Mastermind Trading is a private group that is focused on extensive market research and analyzing investment trends of the equities and cryptocurrency markets. Free alerts and daily watchlists

In this server you can purchase cheaper Pokecoins in Pokemon Go and save more than 30% off. Steam users who want to change their region we offer a service too for it.

A friendly roleplay server, based in a boarding school similar to the likes of Hogwarts, in which each student has a unique mutation! There's plenty to explore, and mystery to be had :))

A community discord mainly focused around fps and sandbox games, but we like to chill with card games, movies, and music as well.

A community server for everyone. If you are in search of a fun, safe, non-toxic and supportive environment - this is the right place for you!

An active laid-back friendly anime and gaming community! Everyone is welcome! Come hang out and chat about anything at all! Events, clubs, leveling system, giveaways, etc.

A music production server for music makers and music lovers! The place to gain/gather information on music production.

This community dedicated to the new and experienced trader. We focus on traditional and crypto markets, leveraging different trading styles, education and support to build confidence, knowledgable, successful and profitable independent traders.

Tired of the generic giveaway servers, from which you never win? Or from the dead chill-chat servers? Good news - then you’ve come to the right place! In PandaCat you can find: -Active chats - Regular events -Custom games -Interesting channels

New Eden is a chatting server to come and chill at! We'd love to see you around!

Erito is a chill server that changes the server theme every month. We are active and often vc. Feel free to hang out here and make new friends. We play mlbb, among us, skribbl, and lots more.

TALKSUCHT 24/7Musik🎵 Memes🖼️ Chatten🗨️ Streamen📡 Werbung☄️ Ränge💵 Wetter🌤️ viele Bots🤖 und mehr ! ⁉️ Viel Spaß auf TALKSUCHT ! 😉

Are you looking for a gaming hub to make friends, find a group and have fun? Then DΛ is the place for you. We do not discriminate against skill level, every type of gamer is welcome. We also have a non-toxic DΛ clan.

A heartwarming caring wholesome community that enjoys anime, art and memes, we are a fast growing helpful caring community with a wonderful community and a spectacular staff team, we all hope you enjoy it here!

News Hub is a great place to come and get the latest news about your favourite games, programs, or even Discord itself. We have curated a selection of different channels, all of which receive notifications from official sources, in a single server.