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Most notable shitposting servers on discord

This is a gaming community meant to bring gamers together. Our goal is to have a huge community of active members that are constantly playing games, period.

Luplexity are a community based around Tech, Memes and Gaming! We host regular give-aways, and host frequent challenges WITH PRIZES! We also have a range of animated and non-animated emotes, for everyone to use and enjoy!

We are a fortnite gaming community that hosts Box fights, Zone Wars, Custom Matches, Tournaments, and other big Events. 1vs1's , looking for duo and groups, self promotion, and giveaways are also very popular. Almost 31,000 members and growing

A discord server for mobile gaming, hanging out and joining a nongaming clan, Wicked Born. CoDM pubGM Cyber Hunters And more. This server is under construction.

We are a Minecraft Network with some amazing gamemodes! Amazing staff, amazing builds and amazing gamemodes!

Join "Divas Central"! We're a small but growing community that shares love for women in the music industry!

Fans of Justin Bieber.

Cute girl who needs some attention and have a love to share nudes. :)

π™’π™žπ™Ÿ π™―π™žπ™Ÿπ™£ π™šπ™šπ™£ π™šπ™§π™œ π™œπ™šπ™―π™šπ™‘π™‘π™žπ™œπ™š π™‰π™šπ™™π™šπ™§π™‘π™–π™£π™™π™¨ π™©π™–π™‘π™žπ™œπ™š π™¨π™šπ™§π™«π™šπ™§ 𝙫𝙀𝙀𝙧 π˜Όπ™§π™©π™žπ™šπ™¨π™©π™šπ™£, π™’π™šπ™šπ™—π™¨, π™‰π™šπ™§π™™π™¨, π™‚π™šπ™šπ™ π™¨ π™šπ™£ π™£π™€π™œ π™«π™šπ™šπ™‘ π™’π™šπ™šπ™§. π™‘π™€π™šπ™‘ π™Ÿπ™š π™«π™§π™žπ™Ÿ 𝙀𝙒 π™©π™š π™Ÿπ™€π™žπ™£π™šπ™£!

It's like every other anime server, but we don't talk about anime.

The Best and the Biggest Transformers Discord Server

A server dedicated to creating a friendly but competitive puzzle-solving environment!

Temte Paradise Community! - Warm and welcoming! - Monthly evenets! - Friendly members! Come join us!!

Hi, if you're interested in joining a free-for-all crypto pump group where you have a chance to become VIP for free, join!

Chat group aimed at helping people trade stocks and cryptocurrecy. Open to traders of all experience.