149 members

It is a server where you get new friends, in every 1 day there is giveaway also!!! XBox game pass gaw comeing in 2 days and its server for dank memer lovers

Silent Room
108 members

Welcome to Silent Room! This is a public community that everyone can join and make friends. Before joining, please click the verify button to let us know you aren't a bot!

Mystic Community
126 members

An active and chilling community with lots of bots & friendly staff. We do lots of giveaways, nitro, dank etc! Join up!

Ghostchain Cafe
124 members

our server is a place for anime watchers to come watch anime on stream movies and your favorite shows, play games with other people and over all have fun so if you want to have that come and join this community.

Ludicolo's Land
98 members

A server focused on pokecord bot.

Dank Giveaways
89 members

We have nitro giveaways. We also give away Dank Memer items and cash.

pokemon home
85 members

please come join us at pokemon home

BiG BeAsT LioN PlayZ
75 members

Join this server we do a lots of giveaways of dank coin, cowoncy, nitro, boost and more we are a YT server i have a youtube channel as well we are aiming to get 500 members and after 500 members we will do a nitro giveaway.

72 members

Daily giveaways running and special giveaways or event in weekends

Pokemon Vibes
71 members

This is what we offer to our discord members: -giveaways, events, catching contests, rewards & much more! -custom roles, golden hour ping, rare spawn channel! We are a non-toxic, friendly community! Check out our current giveaway!

66 members

WELCOME TO THE SERVER OF DARK OFFICIAL. DARK Official is a fun, giveaway and chill community. We host many giveaways related to dank memer and host gaming events. WE also have a public smp (for both cracked and premium players)

Jahames ∙ gw ∙ dmc ∙ fun
44 members

Want to earn psx pets and gems? Or even dmc and nitro? Well it’s your lucky day! You’ve came across a server that offers all of that!

Nitro GW!| Rei's Café 𝗥…
60 members

**1 Month Free Discord Nitro Giveaway!!** • An active and welcoming community. • Cute anime aesthetic themed around bakery/café! • Level 1 boosted (so far!)! • Frequent giveaways! • Fun bots (Mudae, Dank Memer and more!) • Cute emojis

🤖・ Bot Playground | Bot…
36 members

🤖 |・Welcome to Bot Playground!・| 🤖 🤍 All members are very nice and welcoming, and we would love to have you here!

50 members

We are a family-friendly community server with fun minigames and your favourite bots such as groovy and dank member. We host regular giveaways and would love for you to join! Thanks! :D

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