Chill Zone server icon
Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is a new server to Chill, meet and talk to new people.

Chill Zone 147 members Join
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Chill Hangout

Hello there . Welcome to Chill Hangout. Here you can chat and play video games! So enjoy! And please stay! Btw we have invite rewards! We have MC SMP

Chill Hangout 310 members Join
Christian Chill Spot server icon
Christian Chill Spot

Christian Chill Spot 270 members Join
Philosophy server icon

Our “Philosophy” is simple, games are made & played to have fun. A smaller end-game trials & dungeons guild, focused on core teams & raiding in low stress environments with chill relaxed people. Join us today!

Philosophy 174 members Join
El Mandem server icon
El Mandem

Chill server wit chill people and usually active at most times of the day n night. Play games, e-date, watch anime/movies, and vibe. We are a small server trying to grow a community. You can always plug your socials too. Always joking and having fun.

El Mandem 28 members Join
Mental Health Support and Chill server icon
Mental Health Support and Chill

A server that provides support for mental health and a relaxing place to meet new people and hangout!

Mental Health Support and Chill 590 members Join
Work in progress server icon
Work in progress

Hey! We're here to chill out. So just Chill Out, Man! Talk, play games, discuss tv shows, talk sports, make new friends, and much more! Join us! :)

Work in progress 296 members Join
Ayuz's qts server icon
Ayuz's qts

A non - toxic chill server for weebs, gamers, normies and dank aka for everyone. Join our server and chill with us!

Ayuz's qts 294 members Join
E-STONER'S HOTBOX server icon

LOOKING FOR CHILL STONERS WHO LOVE TO GAME - A rather small and honestly a little dead server is looking for you to bring life to it! Come say HIGH!

E-STONER'S HOTBOX 281 members Join
AnimeRave server icon

Want to chill and hang out with some follow weebs? Well we welcome you with open arms!

AnimeRave 260 members Join
The Juices™ server icon
The Juices™

We are a slow growing server. We need some kind and chill vibe members.

The Juices™ 57 members Join
flare server icon

Ready to meet new people? Now's your chance! Many Discord servers are boring, but not ours! Join our community of 170,000+ members 🎁$500 worth of giveaways 🔊 active VCs ✨💬 tons more fun.

flare 217,564 members Join
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