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Anime, Art, Emotes/Emoji Discord Server.

εïз chill mods εïз chill server εïз new εïз partnerships εïз active εïз 180+ emotes

Just Emoji and Emotes, Nothing more, Nothing Less, Nitro Emotes, and Cute Emotes and Cute Emoji

Counting server that infinitely counts up using a single channel moderated by a counting bot.

A place to just chat and have fun, request custom emotes, do a little bit of trolling.

A safe and inclusive space for everyone! We offer lots of BTS emotes, movie nights, karaoke nights, friendly and active members! 💜🧈

ꕥAesthic Themeꕥ ꕥAnime Debateꕥ ꕥManga Discussionꕥ ꕥVoice Callsꕥ ꕥStreamingꕥ ꕥCustom Emotesꕥ ꕥBooster Benefitsꕥ

A server filled with emojis. All of them being pepe because um it is called Pepe's Emojis? We have emojis and that's all also we have mod apps just not now. By the way, we will be hosting giveaways soon. So Pepe... says join! Will you listen? Or reject?

JUJUTSU KAISEN t͏h͏e͏m͏e͏d͏ c͏o͏m͏m͏u͏n͏i͏t͏y͏ s͏e͏r͏v͏e͏r͏. K͏i͏d͏-f͏r͏i͏e͏n͏d͏l͏y͏, N͏o͏ N͏S͏F͏W͏, S͏w͏e͏a͏r͏i͏n͏g͏ t͏o͏ a͏ m͏i͏n͏i͏m͏u͏m͏ - A͏ w͏e͏l͏l͏ m͏o͏d͏e͏r͏a͏t͏e͏d͏ p͏l͏a͏c͏e͏!

BIG discord server


just a chill server to hang out. see you there!

aesthetic, icons and more

An Friendly Anime server with lot of channels and lot of bots to play with level 1 boosted to enjoy up to 100 cute emojis and safe for work for all ages 12+

Welcome to Frogland! We're a server themed around frogs, snails and pond aesthetics!

Growing a mates server, bit if banter really. Very active. Minecraft realm Join for instant Pedo verification 😈

Небольшой сервер с разнообразной тематикой: игры, аниме, ивенты и просто хорошее общение. Заходи, будет весело :3