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We are a safe, LGBTQ+ friendly, 18+ server that welcomes all kinds of hentai and guro kinks! We aim to provide a safe environment to fantasise about kinks, including darker ones. Under no circumstances should these fantasies leave the realm of fiction.

Join my baby's +18 server too view her nudes invite people too get access or buy custom pictures or videos hope too see you!

A Maledom/female submissive server built on community and education, with 4 staff members, 3 Doms, 1 submissive, & 2 classically trained Doms on staff.

Daily NBA, MLB, NHL, and international sports betting advice from professional sports bettors of over TEN years of experience who want to see you win!! Come eat with the team! Ten straight Max play record 42-9! Up over 300 UNITS THIS MONTH!

Sinners sanctuary is and 18+ server based on the 7 deadly sins. Our server offers many diverse nsfw roles and a welcoming community for anyone interested in BDSM

BRAND NEW, Friendly, accepting and NON-TOXIC 21+ VERIFIED MEMBERS ONLY weed based server. **Looking for active members and staff!!**

Welcome to Fuck Warren Buffett! We are an open-source investment research forum for tech stocks and the overall tech industry.

What The Hell Is A Fandom is an 18+ Fandom Based Server! We are a multi-fandom discord server where you can chat about anything you want within the fandoms or in general. We also welcome you to share your own fanfictions, art, or whatever!

Hello there, this server is for Anime, Manga, Hentai and Japanese culture enthusiasts Our aim is make a great server and to unite Otakus from around the world We promise to be a great community for you where you can chill and relax and find cool people!

Welcoming server for those over age 30 who want to hang out in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Looking for a virtual escape? Then join Elden Resort! A resort-themed, SFW community server. Offering monthly giveaways, gaming channels, events like movie nights and contests, bot commands, self help and school channels, level roles, and more!

🌸Sapphic Traffic 18+🌸 🌸This server is a social space for Women and Feminine aligning people to meet similar people! 🌸Active Staff 🌸Basic verification with optional age verification! 🌸Join today

18+, NSFW. Want to see the hottest non-nude models the internet has to offer? Join Boutine Worship to see the hottest bikini models from the BoutineLA brand! Come worship and goon over models with like minded people.

An adult (18+) FFXIV Discord server dedicated to roleplay, artwork and screenshots focusing on swinging, couple swapping, sharing, open relationships, consensual adultery, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes as well as voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Never smoke alone in the Puffcord! 18+

A platform to bring together all the Femdom/BDSM lovers in India. Objective is to transform this server into a one-stop destination for Femdom in India.