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Like History? Interested in debates? You're welcome here then, we also have A LOT of history roles!

We are a friendly place where you can have a break from other disturbing elements. Sit upon good beer with your friends and talk about you enthralling adventures.

Ever wanted a small bot testing server where you can just test bots? The answer is yes. In the Bot Guild (Testing & Usage) server, you can test ultimately anything on the bots and even get help on them!

EndLess is a server where you can share your projects / discord servers. We have more than 1400 members, so your content have a very good visibility.

/r/gmod - Garry's Mod on Reddit

This is a friendly server to hangout, play some games, and have fun. We let the community decide the fate of anything they want through the use of polls! Our custom bot helps you by hiding categories for games you don't play and much, much, more!

A discord server for ducks

The main hub for HaileyBot, a user-driven Discord bot. Every good suggestion gets added to the bot. Can't find a bot that does quite what you want? Suggest a new feature and it'll happen. Join to be a part of our community and vote on what comes next.

Ashes of Creation Rogue Class Discord. This discord is to discuss & help each other out with Main Class Rogue & its 8 sub-classes.

We are just a bunch of people that try to have fun in the most stupid way possible

You earn money by inviting people, that's cool, right? We'd love to see you there!

Welcome~ This is a community dedicated to spirituality, astrology, witchcraft, and the occult just to name a few. It's also a small art community for artists. Join if you'd like~

A fun server filled with SPICY memes! We even have our own! Come join for fun chats, fun memes, fun streams....oh! And a TON of cat pictures. It's always a good time.

Official DirtCrafters MCPE Server's Discord. Have fun, make new friends, talk with server owner, and get access to some amazing channels. Join now.

A small (under 100 member) growing community, very friendly people. There's 30 custom Kiwi emotes, custom roles, colours and bots like pokecord to play with too!