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This discord is for new players to improve and veterans to have a community. We have unique military themed layout and ranks. With welcoming staff, willing to help new players and a place where you can team up with other players! We have weekly giveaway!

This Server is Mainly Based Around Gaming And Game Development There Are Text Channels For Both Community And Text Channels For Any Game Engine. The Server Also Hosts Tournaments For Any Game Voted For There Are League Teams Clan Wars Etc.

The Gathering is a place where everyone can feel accepted. I made this server in hopes that people could talk and have fun without toxicity. I want everyone to be able to have a fun time here, and with our active mods toxicity is banished from the server

Literally anything idc what y’all do in this server just follow the rules

Just a chill place to talk about gaming and anime, although more focused on the dragonball side of both.

If you want a new, but nice community, join this server!

Welcome to Vibe Station!! The chillest place to game, listen to music, watch movies, and do it all with friends! Here you can enjoy the atmosphere and meet new people here. We hope you enjoy our server! Please look at the long description for more info :)

Welcome to the server made for socializing! You can talk about almost anything you want. If talking with humans isn't your jam, you can interact with some of the 17 bots in the server (and rising!).

Jugar a cualquier cosa y webiar con el mudae aparte de haber lolis jugar lol

A hentai/NSFW server run by NSFW Instagram accounts

☆ this is a semi-appless RPG ☆ revolving around aged-up cartoon characters. ☆ 18+ characters & muns - ready to play & have fun. ☆ Relaxed activity.

Hello everyone! how are you doing? Welcome to UnderTale AU Ships Officiall! we are an new server looking for active members so come check us out if you want!

We are a nation rp server we have a custom map you can create you own races and religion and nation

Fylm TV is building a streaming platform for indie creators. Access resources, community channels, and monetize projects. Our server is a place for viewers, creators, and industry partners to meet, collaborate, and stay updated on our progress.

We are an active Lost Ark community based on the official EU server, actively engaging in PvE, PvP and GvG!

👑Exotic 18+👑 ღSFW & Exotic Adult Communityღ 🎲Games For All🎲 📞VC's & Private VC's📞 💰Gambling Bot Coming Soon!💰 🎉Giveaways🎉