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Do you like music? Well if you do then you have come to the right place. With plenty of playlist and music bots we promise the best music atmosphere along with the best music choice.

A brand new roleplay server that is inspired by the concept of Mystic Messenger!

A nice community of gamers and streamers looking to chill and support eachother! Whether youre just looking for some friends to game with, or people to stream with, or even just a place to share your content, We have what you need :) Come grow with us!

Daily Giveaways, Events WITH Prizes, Active Community And MANY MORE AWESOME THINGS!

It's just your normal everyday Discord server with a general, piss zone, polls and YouTube and gaming conversations.

YourSupport, your ideal discord bot support. Join us today to become staff or just come along for some help! We also offer some conversation channels!

Chill little place for people to play among us ^^

Comunidad sobre anime y sus formas (Manga, Hentai, etc), tenemos de todo y lo que no tenemos lo agregamos. ¡Unete a esta gran comunidad!

Hello! New Fur City is a kid friendly server for young furs (young furries) to chat and share their artwork!

Counting. And counting. And counting. For rewards ofc! You get channels, perms, roles!

Are you looking for chill people to game with? Or looking for people to call friends? Maybe even promote your stream? Simping For Games is exactly what you need! Please stop by and check us out! Tell your friends, family, and grandma!!

This is a new bhop server (Mainly for swedish people), you are welcome to join our discord and wait for the server to open!

Meme battlefield is a place for memers and gamers alike to join and chill together there's lots of channels to choose from

Fun discord server for talking to other people.

Looking to improve your writing, rapping, producing, or composition? Join us to evolve your pen and sound by showing us what you got and see where you stand among an elite group of world-wide talent!

A small community for Gamers, Weebs, and anyone else looking for a chill place to meet new people