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This server is to bring gamers together so the can form their own small teams sorta like an esports team. All people are welcome to join. This server is strictly for making new friends to game with.

Welcome to 𝙾 πš— πš• πš’ πš— 𝚎!

A fresh + growing community focused on fashion + style.

servidor de roleplay espaΓ±ol

A server for hunting for lost media relating to 'Golden Bat' or 'Ogon Bat'.

Um servidor brasileiro dedicado a passar o tempo e conhecer pessoas novas, alΓ©m de uma Γ‘rea especial para Games e Discord Games.

This is the official discord server for Hideous Laughter Productions, an actual play podcasting network that plays Paizo systems. We have active channels for character building and rules as well as discord exclusive live stream events.

The Official Y O D A Empire

Skyblock Services is a fast growing Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock server where you can hire experts to do anything for you! We also have a non-toxic community and extremely frequent giveaways and events including Nitro and Xbox gamepass giveaways!

We're a community server that is themed around the cartoon character Patrick Star! We are a welcoming community that loves to talk and make new friends together.

Dies ist ein Deutschsprachiger Server auf dem man entspannt mit Leuten zocken oder sich Unterhalten kann.

We are the support server for one of the largest server and emoji lists.

Hangout for Chatting, Gaming, Meeting New People, Memes, Videos, and Friends. :)

Crush is a server where friends can hang out, relax, listen to music, game together, or play with our game bots!

join de gezelligste NL/BE server met 1 keer per maand customs met gift away!

೨୧ β€” (,,> αŽ‘ <,,) β€” π™¬π™šπ™‘π™˜π™€π™’π™š 𝙩𝙀 π™₯π™€π™§π™€π™™π™žπ™¨π™š! α΅–α΅’Κ³α΅’ α΅–α΅ƒΚ³α΅ƒα΅ˆβ±Λ’α΅‰β— ͘ ⁎ κ’±κ’± Hi there, summoner! Welcome to our new, upcoming league of legends oriented gaming server!