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Music is cool. Get to know and find new stuff on music! đŸ˜‰

A music server for fans of Metal, Emo, Punk, Alternative, who like bands like, Metallica, Bad Religion, Green Day, Rites of Spring, Jimmy Eat World , Nirvana, and many more. We also welcome all fans of genres outside of Rock as well!

CrimsonMC is a minecraft factions server that is ruled and governed by its players.

Pinax Studios Is a small roblox server.

A greek/roman themed LGBT/Kink/Sissy/BDSM hangout for people who are looking for like minded friends. We try to foster an atmosphere where multiple overlapping communities can hang out. Dionysus has been chosen as a server mascot.

~Kinetic Gaming Community is a worldwide community of ​1700+ mature ​gaming enthusiasts, who have grown up in the era of eSports. We emphasize teamwork and communication. ​Come game with us today! http://discord.gg/FB8npxC

we r active players of CODM and MLBB we wish to recruit players to develop gaming skills and push ranks

Free Cheats Free Games (gta5)

A Community Server for Bengaluru peepals. To live and grow as a good individual.

666 discord server


Seeking a place to share your thoughts, creations, memes and p0rn? 666 is a brand new 18+ based server that is all about conversation, lewdness, community and much more! - We love talking, meming and really love just posting Kermit emotes.

Lofty Lounge is a community filled with people with a wide range of passions. Join our server, make friends, have fun!

We have the cheapest store cards on the market!

An active and tight-knit RP Nidavellir, a world of decline and decay, relics of bygone ages of great wonders and technology now left to rot and rust in the womb of a new era. Science brought man to the highest heights and it sunk it to the lowest lows.

Gaming Server for GTA5,MIECRAFT,AMONG US ect.

Innovative Leadership is a place where people who have different hobbies come together to share knowledge on what people can make. People are polite and we care about everyone. Interests: coding, art, music, photography, IT, software, engineering etc.

Music streams, podcasts, gaming, live events, tournaments.