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Anyone is accepted. Non-toxic/joke around a lot, and you are allowed to play any game.

3 reasons to join us even though our spelling sucks...

A safe space for the LGBTQ+ community

This is a discord that my fans can go to and chat ! Anyone can join! Now why should you join My discord server? - well my server offers a ton of games, events and just general chats! It will be sooo fun! Thank you for checking out my discord server.

A server that keeps you from boredom!

This is a server for gtav players, if you dan't have anybody to play with, somebody in this server will be happy to play with you. We are a Dutch/American server. This is a place where friend get made. :)

Meet new friends from different countries! We also do Giveaways. Friendly moderators, Active owner! This server is perfect for studying and gaming.

We are an innovative community.What we offer and why should you join you ask...Well that's what we offer: -Dating and flirting for lonely people -Gaming channel and news(soon) -Science talk -Politics -Debates -Religion -Culture exchange and etc.

hangout server for the coolest of cool kids

We're a family-friendly community created to facilitate discussion between artists, writers and other creative individuals.

RL Warehouse is only for Rocket League pc players on Steam/Epic Games. You can buy tons of items in full sets in this server for 1/3 of the price in credits. You can also trade and chat with other people in this rocket league server!

The official Discord server for Snakecraft Hosting. Come hang out with us, get support for our services and participate in exclusive giveaways!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the International Superhero Alliance. We are a writing/roleplaying community looking for people who like to create characters and plots and are willing to be active members of the server.

Hey this is a server with my friend and you should join because we have a very good society and community. WITH A GOAL OF 500 MEMBERS

Sociex is a small community server that was made with the hopes of bringing people together to a space where everyone can talk in a comfortable environment.

yoo this is a server were we help out people who streamers and edit fortnite we can teach you how to edit like devour maxi and so many others