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Art Hangout is a server for art! We have custom features such as Daily Art Prompts, a Custom Bot, a Custom User Art Gallery, Website, and more!

Want a place to chill and play games? Join for thirsty conversations and calls to vibe in.

a gaming server based off of socializing. gaming, and the streamer baniblade! this server offers nitro giveaways, self-assignable roles, matching pfp channels, nitro perks and other fun activities!

Welcome to the Sapphire Chalice. A tavern dedicated to accommodating all those who wish to revel in like adventures! Come in grab a drink and talk amongst all the patrons who frequent. Also the owner is definitily not a dragon

This server it's french communauty and pub serve

Hello! We are here to bring you a server for just girls. Here you can literally talk about anything. no men allowed.

The Official Discord Server of Indian YouTuber Glock Gaming.

This is a chill server where we play Among Us, CoD Mobile and Minecraft.

+1000 Başarılı İşlem İle En Kaliteli Hizmet! Burada Hesap Satabilir, İlan Koyabilirsin.

Hi! Join our brawlhalla server today - find teammates, people to play against - friends and a fun community!

╭═════════ 🎯 ═════════╮ Welcome to The Plaza! ╰═════════ 🎯 ═════════╯ This is a brand new server which offers a chill and friendly environment for all! We hope you enjoy your stay!

We supply different recreational drugs such as Opiates LSD DMT Adderall Xanx Molly Etc

Simple system that allows you to play custom matches in Warzone on a daily basis.

A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.

We are a discord server to help you improve on your GTA V money balance and rank! For further questions and or concerns, please contact staff. If you have any questions feel free to dm on discord, Geqezz#9046

This server is dedicated to game developers, 3D artists, general development, gamers, and much more! (currently looking for admins/devs)