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This is a place where you can post music/other art and get feedback. We also have a lounge and calls for gaming if you want to play with us. We are also always available to talk to anyone who wants to vent.

The GamingHub Discord Server (Looking For Staff)

• Cult' est un serveur communautaire qui propose de faire de toi quelqu'un de cultivé, en partageant chaque jour des informations inédites ! Tu pourras y développer de nouvelles amitiés ainsi que partager tes passions !

Welcome to the Forest! We have a friendly server, with a lot of topics to talk about, friendly staff and a lot of roles to know eachother better! We encourage using your creativity to invent things! Come and join us if you are interested!

Welcome to the No Sleep Lounge!! We are a community server centered around hanging out and meeting friends

Utopian Zone is a general community where we discuss about life, politics, music, games, sports, also you can vent, and share memes especially, it’s a friendly community to chill out and to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures

Netflix Mafia is a server for everyone that is interested in Movies and TV-Shows. Here you can discuss, stream and watch movies.

**WORK IN PROGRESS! NOT FINISHED** This server is: welcoming, supportive of creative expression, a nice (in progress) community and a chill place to vent. Not always active, but I'm (the owner Steph) mostly online We offer crossover discord promotion

Bonds to the Myths is a fantasy written RP for 18+ individuals. With a huge story line, and room for anyone to expand on it, we have a kind, friendly and safe community that loves to Roleplay.

We do be vibing!

Growing a mates server, bit if banter really. Very active. Minecraft realm Join for instant Pedo verification 😈

This is a very active server with a good bit of members for just starting out yesterday. 38 to be exact. Don't join with drama or bullshit for we will gladly kick you.

Creative Entertainment Studios is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography.

This is a roleplay server with quests, weapons, fights, and more. You can play with you friends and earn money! This server was meant for people who like to have fun, so if you don't there are much more servers. Do you have the wand?

This server is a server accepting people of all kinds it dosent matter what you look on the outside, we know you are a good person inside and will always be. this server has only 4 fun bots we can eventually add more for suggestions