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Nepsis is a text-based Discord server concerning the traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, focused on resources, theology, prayer, and theosis. Inquirers of many faiths and sober mind are welcome here to learn.

It’s a super chill gaming server with a friendly community < 3 It’s mostly animal crossing based but we also have options for other types of games!

the official server by anthony240 himself

🌹THE ORIGIN🌹 🥂The Origin is a community Rp created with a creative and interactive storyline where users get to participate and display their characters along the narrative, also integrates rpg aspects 🥂

A nice Discord community (that also has a Roblox group), that does giveaways. :)

Gaming in roblox and minecraft

Forbidden is where you can hang out with great guys and have and enjoy your time by playing cool games ... So come on ... CU

We’re a community of traders and investors of all skill levels, trading crypto, stocks, options and futures. Wew lads! We also have a reddit sub at r/wallstreet.

BDSM Auction Server with a focus on learning and growing through short term D/s dynamics. Ages 25+, live face pics required for age verification only. Careful screening for the safety of all members.

Hello Darlings! ❤It's me, Newt, and welcome to Artist's cafe! A safe space for artists big and small, experienced or inexperienced! Also LGBTQ+ friendly! Pedophiles don't count. :) This is a safe space.

A gaming/content creating discord!

This is a server for a Steven Universe AU I have made years ago and I want to get more fans to help our small community grow, it's a story about an experimental Painite found by the Crystal gems and throughtout their adventures they meet new friends and

Fleayd is the founder, shadow crack is the owner of the clan and shadow alive and shadow drip is super admin and shadow ficco is admin

Hey! It's the (not) Book Club, a book-based community server. We are a small book club for everyone, regardless of who you are, you're our friend! So come on over to the (not) Book Club, we hope to see you here!

All ages Mixed-genre village Roleplay server geared toward those with a busy lifestyle. A few posts a day or few days is all it takes to be successful in our server.

Looking for a new and fresh server to hop in and talk? Give our Dimension a try.