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a place where you can hang out and vibe, play among us, and also play cod

Gaming server, server to play games and look for others to play with.

⋆。゚☁︎。 aether ⋆。 ゚。⋆ ⌢ an blue sky themed server - neutral based server - over 50+ roles options - friendly staff - various games + events - super chill :) join us!!

A group of gamers and streamers, looking to expand our group, LGBTQ+ We are mainly playing Genshin Impact, but encourage, and love to watch other games, as well as stream them as we find them!

A small community where you can make friends.

A fun relax server with a few small streamers trying to increase their community. We play lots of different games and would love for you to join us! Come show off ur amazing gaming skills or show off ur pet in our pet channel

Una comunidad para hacer amigos, jugar juegos y más!

We stream anime every other day. We watch seasons together or movies depending what wins the poll Anime Streaming has a custom Waifu bot, it's still in the beta so if you have any issues please let us know.

Imperium Romanorum fuit res publica antiqua, cuius caput erat Roma, olim maxima mundi occidentalis urbs, et quae tempore maximae suae potestatis a Britannia usque ad Mesopotamiam extendebatur.

Lazy Slimez NFT discord server

Hi this is my own community, and I would like people come into the server for play ps: sono italiano :)

Kriegspiell to próba jak najrealistyczniejszego (ale bez przesady i na warunkach discorda) odwzorowania wojen z XIX i XX wieku, aktualnie skupiamy się na kampaniach Napoleona Zarządzanie armią na mapie, bitwy i przyjemna atmosfera, to właśnie nasz serwer

BNHA Canon Divergent AU verse. This server works under the principles of Chaos Theory - One small (or large) change in your muses' past leads to them living a completely different life in this verse. This server is 18+

Community for video editors, gamers, promotion and more. The main activity on the server is video editing for games such as CS: GO, Rust, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. We have video editing contests and giveaways.

♡lgbtq+ friendly♡ ♡13+ only♡ ♡A fun hangout spot♡ ♡Giveaways♡ ♡New Friends♡ ♡Memes♡ ♡Active Chats♡ ♡Fun Bots♡ ♡Multiple Channels, and More to Come♡ ♡Gaming ♡ ♡Chat♡ ♡Anime♡ ♡Community♡

DANK BOI'S is a small community server made for DANK MEMER (we do heists, trading, & giveaway) and other bots, as well as art, music, gaming, memes, etc. We have a small group of friends so far but hope to grow into a community! :)