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Chat, talk, listen to music! Funs friends here. Created by: CubeScars https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCirtqCdN_v7xiXDu3DOVsSw

Hey, hey, hey crewmate! Welcome to the Among Us discord server, here we host games and chat with others plus other special things!


A wide range of subscriptions at a fraction of the price , great customer reviews 😊 VOD service available and a lot more!

Are you a big fan of sonic? Then this is the right server for you. We have cool members, fun bots and some cool content for you :) PS: There's also NSWF sections

Hello! We are a group of dumbasses who do nothing with our lives. If this sounds like you join! If not you dont join, idrc lmao.

Hello we are a art server my co-owner is cute anime Aiden Join us to post art and have funπŸ₯³ πŸ’Žwe are funny πŸ’Ževeryone is welcome πŸ’Žlooking for mods! πŸ’Žwebsite! πŸ’Žchill members and staff

A community for UX Designers!

Join us to discuss your thoughts, opinions, theories, etc. about any and every MCU movie! We have a gaming category where you can play among us and other games, including Discord Bot games!

The Clover Kingdom (TCK for short) is a discord server made around the anime/manga series Black Clover! We have multiple chats to talk in, along with friendly staff and community! TCK was created October 26st, 2020 The Founder of TCK was @WardπŸ‘‘

Choose your class, craft and upgrade your weapons, team up with friends in clans and dungeons, fight monsters to level up and unlock more!

What we do here is some paid and free shinobi life services we can get you any genkai of your choice get any item scrolls or level you up to max and for proof that we are legit we have vouches from previous clients

A server full of many people who are always active! looking for more active people! Every person is welcome and we're always in the voice chat and we will happily play games and talk with you. we talk about anything LITERALLY ANYTHING!

We are a rag tag group of Destiny 2 players. Come enjoy some laughs and epic giveaways!

Scyta Wagers is a new active and the most quickest growing Fortnite wager cord out there. It has pros and content creators, 24/7 staff service, active wagers going on, and more!