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hello, this is lhari from nobodies! we're an indie game studio seeking a community eager to talk about games, share cryptid stories and hang out in general. come take a look if you like cryptids and possibly peeking at our game development process.

Just a chilll fun server that just wants to have fun and we don’t do any of that toxics shit so get out of here with that we just chill and funny and stupid come join us please we play a lot of games

The official Discord server of Sworchy! Sworchy is a small YouTuber that mainly does Minecraft bedwars on the server "Hypixel" What we have to offer: a wide range of bots an active staff team an active owner much more!

hello this is a new and freindly server!

A Hypixel focused server with UHC and Skyblock channels.

Keep your Dank Memer coins safe, win giveaways, meet great people, trade, and more!

Factions - Minecraft Earth - SMP - PvP - SkyBlock.Welcome to Codebreaker.xyz . A completely awesome new Minecraft Server. Join us on Discord. DM me, CodebreakerSW#2899

This server contains many NSFWs, and many great videos : )

This is a Server where you can see news about space. While being entertained for a while. If you like things about Space, join!

Hello everyone, there is a discord server, where im sharing my sport bets and stuff, they are trying really hard and making good shape and stuff. Sharing a Sport bets and helping each other, i would be thankful if you join.

𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚!! Thank you for joining Kings Blade, let's have some fun!

Hello We are gaming central, Our server includes games like minecraft, roblox, fortnite and rocket league. You can also get payed to be a mod in our server! You can make alot of new friends on our server. We also do giveaways

Come join our Crusader gaming community today!

Welcome to My Hero Academia: The ₲ⱠŁ₮₵ⱧɆĐ ɆⱤ₳, we are a small roleplay server hoping to grow!! We Offer: Plenty of channels!! A friendly community!! LGBTQ+ Friendly (Everyone is welcome!) A dice bot (Which is being used as our fighting system!)

everyone wins this year of 2021 ima rapper and clothing Apparell owner join up and let’s get to growing daily 💯💯‼️