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we are a gfx server with a custom bot! you can hangout, play roblox and do more here! :)

A community growth server for small creators!

MOVIE NIGHTSSS! We host movie nights, join us and rip on B movies! Or watch good movies!

Among Us internatiol based server to find people to play with. Very active voice channels, find a party fast.

We here hate gays. All of them should fucking die. I don't care if you come and say "Oh I'm gay" and troll as long as you're not gay yourself. So yeah. We are going to attempt to outlaw gays in the United States and more countries.

In our server, you can play with bots, discuss topics you like, and chat safely with lovely members who are happy to chat back! Join and help us grow✨

An all around interest server including Gaming, Roleplay, Dungeons & Dragons and more! Active duty Admins who aim to please and help in any way. Very open and very fun. We do streams, group games and write stories together and create amazing characters!

Green Origin Investments is an investing community that engages in trading stock options.

5 invites for free discord nitro! must sound like a scam right? nope we have a #proof channel to prove real payouts.. so invite!

A discord community where you can rank up to police and sheriff roles!

Gow to the long description that is de advertising message

Among Us is an online multiplayer party game.

Hey join us for a friendly community! We play games, share laughs, and communicate all the time! We accept anyone! share memes, art, pictures.

Mecha, Models, & Madness! A place where any Gundam/Anime/Plastic Model fan is welcome! Come in and chill. Pop open a cold one with the boys.

Hello everyone! HADES Gallery & Lounge is a discord server where our community's focus is to share fanworks while creating connections with other passionate artists, patrons and fans of Hades(2018).

Includes Music, Fun Bots, Memes, Relaxing, Colored Username, This server is to have fun and be chill, Also Friendly.