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Team Adire e-Sports Club, sinds 2003

This is a very active server with a good bit of members for just starting out yesterday. 38 to be exact. Don't join with drama or bullshit for we will gladly kick you.

Bellissimo server divertente

Welcome to Politically Correct! We welcome people of all political backgrounds to debate and share their evidence-based takes on current events. If you’re interested in journalism, politics, history, philosophy, and/or nihilistic memes, you'll love it her

На нашем сервере вы сможете получить различные награды за приглашения, поучаствовать в конкурсах и многое другое!

Hello everyone, if you enjoy school, gaming, anime, music, pokemon, dank memer, and more! Then this server is for you. We have a lot of people ready to help you, and your every need

This is a roleplay server with quests, weapons, fights, and more. You can play with you friends and earn money! This server was meant for people who like to have fun, so if you don't there are much more servers. Do you have the wand?

This server is a server accepting people of all kinds it dosent matter what you look on the outside, we know you are a good person inside and will always be. this server has only 4 fun bots we can eventually add more for suggestions

https://discord.gg/9HpAN8G3Xq Der Server besitzt: - für jede Aktivität ein eigener Channel - Update Infos und Twitter Feed - 100 Emoji's (Anime und Memes) - Aktivitätsbelohnung (Rolle) - Jede Menge Bots - Events und Giveaways

We have a large variety of games that include, Animal crossing new horizons and among us, Ect, Our animal crossing new horizons is very popular, a lot of treasure island events and giveaways.

Hello, Welcome to PakTeens.

This discord server has an awesome amount of roles, and levels. there are really nice people and there are plenty of bots to help you when your stuck. there is also private rooms just for special people, like people with admin or moderator role. Join Now.

A music bot support server

Small gaming server

Twilight Designs: a server which provides 3d renders, background and EVERYTHING for related to editing thumbnails for Brawl Stars! Join now.