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hello~ welcome to our server here we talk about anime,memes and etc :> We have a lot of roles and bots :D Our goal is having 50 members and then we are gonna open the Apply for mod chat so you can be a mod .

Orion is a community where people can share their thoughts & show their talents to the world. We have a vast variety of topics but are always open to suggestions. Meet new people and make new freinds as you and our community venture into the unknown.

dis is a tiny fucking server and if you join, it still remains a tiny fucking server. But join tho pweaaseee🥺 Quarantine makin me lose my shit smh.

Hey, owner of this crap here. Tapuniverse is a chill server to talk in. We got chill mods too! (servers that have like stupidly stern mods suck imo lol) but yea dont break no rules and ya good.


▪︎ DeadSniper:tm: is a community server mostly gaming based, but there are many other things besides gaming such as custom events, giveaways, nitro drops, custom minigames, custom bots, etc.

Welcome to The Art Of Deduction! ᕙ(ಠ ਊ ಠ)ᕗ A server in which you can learn to deduce anything like Sherlock Holmes! Staff required!! Mods, Researchers, Writers and Managers!

The Halo Effect is a fiction-appreciation community celebrating individual creativity. Our members are diverse from the hardcore roleplayer to the talented artist to the laid-back appreciator of content.

BigC & Co is the Server for the Whitelisted TwitchRP/ NoPixel personality BigC aka. Carl Sluggington. RighteousX1ne is the creator of this server.

A place where we talk about Yaoi Manga and Stuff

A place to share Anime content hosted on Mega, Zippyshare and GDrive. Don't FORGET to VISIT OUR NEW DISCORD SERVER -- > https://discord.gg/2yfDJR6

Hello and welcome to Jocular Haven!!! This is the perfect server for peaceful chatting, relaxing and games!!!

Looking for a place to share your D&D ideas and creations? Dungeon Class is all about collaboration, sharing, conversation and playing D&D in a family-friendly, safe environment. We welcome players and DMs of all different levels. Join the class.

This is a fun and safe server where you can make friends and learn about the bot and meet new people.

Hangout, dating, gaming, giveaways, active community, friendly staff, and more!