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Русский сервер, посвящённый культовой манге и аниме JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Welcome to the Forest! We have a friendly server, with a lot of topics to talk about, friendly staff and a lot of roles to know eachother better! We encourage using your creativity to invent things! Come and join us if you are interested!

· Lustige und tolle Community, mit vielen netten Leuten · Ziemlich ruhiger Chat, der aber ziemlich abgehen kann · Eigener Bot zum Zeitvertreib und austesten · Musikchannel und eigenen 24/7 Bot, um entspannt jederzeit Musik hören zu können

This server is for games and fun giveaways are rare in my server so don't expect a giveaway every time. we just need active and fun people in my server

Small growing servers full of fun bots and people .Usually we chill out here.We stream on twitch and play with all the members on the channel.

Welcome to the Golden City! We are a Dragon Age server created for and by Dragon Age fans! As well as being just a place to hang-out, it is meant to be a safe environment created to make sure that everyone's boundaries are respected!

**WORK IN PROGRESS! NOT FINISHED** This server is: welcoming, supportive of creative expression, a nice (in progress) community and a chill place to vent. Not always active, but I'm (the owner Steph) mostly online We offer crossover discord promotion

😈Whalecum to the House of Pain😈 If you're over 18 and looking for a fun, active and welcoming community to get your kinks on online and meet folks Irl then join us in the orgy now.

We just talk and chill out. We are looking for more people to make a small community

A server for people who work in fields of technology. Flexible server, new channels, services, bots, emoji are created or included according to community needs. All technical discussions are welcomed.

Mafiakill is a free text based mafia game which is a popular online game. The goal is to become the best gangster, police or scientist in the whole game.

3/25/21 [new server] -Strictly 13+ -low mod -120+ roles -giveaway every 100 members -leveling system -userphone, pokemon, & anigame. ;hiring staff

This discord server is a place where gamers anime lovers and nerds can chat and play

Gaming/Anime/Twitch Streamers Home of the misfits

Hello, Welcome to FuzzLand! We are FiveM community!

- a new server! - friendly, welcoming mods - cute emojis that are being added! - a small variety of channels - possible future gaming nights - welcoming to all! - cute theme! - self assignable roles and colors!