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This is a server that you can promote/advertise in. There are of course also fun channels, such as memes, pets and more.

AAO CODE KARE is a non-profit organization where new comers and professionals associate with each other and contribute to the community. Learn coding from experienced developers, job & internship opportunities, gaming, streaming and much more.

Come join my server to chat with other people! Express yourself, we have free wallpapers, symbols, banners as well asEvents and contests and lots more!

Welcome Aboard the Flying Dutchman A new server filled with my crew with high roles available for interview now! Ye wont regret - Davy Jones

Community Discord with a twist


Under construction...

Join our killing game steeped in supernatural creatures! Enjoy unique twists to classic danganronpa devices, literate roleplay, an involved mod team, and the classic murder mystery experience! - Must be 15 or older! - 3 sentence minimum

-Hi! Me and my friends decided to make a server to expand our group of friends so we could meet new people. Come join us and have a relaxing and a fun time! We are welcoming and accepting so you don't feel excluded.

This part is for sale

Brats 18+ fast-growing server 18+ Adult SFW ✰ Profiles ✰ Selfies ✰ Currency ✰ Gambling ✰ chill ✰ E-Girls ✰ verified section ✰ Confessions ✰ Love Events ✰ Top Discord servers ✰ Beautiful layout ✰ Awesome staff ✰ Community that loves to mess ar

Gaming/streaming/art/memes server!

We are a music server, but we also host stuff like gaming, emojis, weekly giveaways and more! Hope to see you!

The official Discord Community for DJ Ted Music, MadMonkey Records and Tedcast! By DJ Ted!

Community of Shiba Lovers. Join us to talk, hang out, and chat about Shibas.

Looking to join a gaming community of fellow streamers, casual, and competitive players then join this discord.

A community focused on educational discussions dedicated to League of Legends: Wild Rift.