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This is the official PHENOM フェノム community discord server, If u like to edit, love anime, manga or is just looking to have a great time our server would be a perfect place for you

The PLAAF is the GeoFS air force that protects the skies of China. Enlist today or read the long descrip for more information. Don't what to enlist? then become a civilian worker in base roleplay.

We like to have fun and we are all chill. And we all like to play games.

Alicia's Cafe This server is newly rebuilt, active and growing! Our community is focused more on fun and entertaining activities! Come and join and make new friends <3

A server about stocks and the market.

Excuse the name but God is real and he is Jschlatt. Join for interesting discussions with interesting people. If you like youtubers, memes, or just want to make new friends with other awkward people, join here. I swear we are not war criminals.

Moin Servus Moin! Wir sind ein deutscher Community Server mit mittlerweile über 1300 Member. Hier kannst du neue Freunde... bla bla bla, komm einfach!

Hallo, wir sind der MonkeyzMC.de Discord! Wir sind eine Gruppe aus Menschen, die einen Minecraft Minigames Server führen und nebenbei Minecraft Projekte anbieten!

Its a new server,where anything could be talked about Anime!

Over 30s discord

Axmyo's hangout! A new community looking for active members!

Hey! Welcome to the GayShack. Here we offer a place to be for our LGBTQ+ allies and friends! We have lots of fun things to do, from Movie and game nights, to music and Pokémon bots you clan play with!

Fun, friendly community server.

we play like Rocket League, cards against humanity, Among us, cod and other good shit

Server is a friendly and safe environment for everyone. We make sure that everyone has fun.

We are a growing server that offers: FREE listing + growth, as well as reports and more!