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A pleace to share Wholesome pics, Animes and Mangas ∩(´∀`∩)

A community for people who are interested in the game Tibia, an MMORPG developed by Cipsoft.

This server is a place for you to chat, relax, and just chill! We host fun community events like game-night and movie-night, and love to laugh and joke around! We hope you'll come to join us and have a great time!

Just for dating and fun

YMI or Young Minds of India is a community of young people where we share our ideas, knowledge, and more, we help each and everyone for collaborative growth. Because we do not need COMPETITION between us, we need COLLABORATION to GROW.

A community for Javascript developers to learn blockchain!

We are a CodMobile Clan and Team, but also want to grow up as a community. Don’t bei shy and join this server, we will have fun for sure!

╔═════◥◣◆◢◤════╗ Klubovna ╚═════◢◤◆◥◣════╝ ULTRA V.I.P Soutěž 21.7.

Do you do drugs? play csgo rust among us? perfect COME ERE! Yo my slime I know you really dont know mandem like dat but i was wondering if i could purchase smth styl fam just a bit of grub my drilla!

A fun place to join in and listen to the making of our Podcast! Come chat and have fun!

We're a tight-knit community of people who enjoy gaming, thought provoking discussions, server events, and making friends!

We are a nation rp server we have a custom map you can create you own races and religion and nation

Calling all filmmakers, writers, directors, et cetera. If you're looking to bring your film to life, this server is meant for you.