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This server's aim is to be everyone's safe place where they can make new friends and have fun. This is a small growing server so please join! All ages are allowed and the staff is very supportive! Thank you!

For people who play games or want to just hangout

BagelLand is a smaller community with a great community

Here at Minriex's Institute we insure that everyone in our community is safe and is okay with expressing themselves and telling us things that they can't tell their parents/guardian. We indicate having fun, meeting new friends and helping others.

I made my server originally to promote my socials but after 1 day I already have 20 members and I love how everyone can talk together.

ndhwjakhajkhjda is a server about anime, gaming and other shit. Join if you're looking for fun. A lotta shitposting 😁😁

We are a Roblox ER;LC RP Group, Just Made.

This it the official server of the channel Amigos Gaming

A place for fans of Maty Noyes to meet up and chat about her music and share the love.

a discord for a Roblox edit/friend group. We do giveaways such as robux, nitro and more.

. .✧ο½₯゚: * **v i b e s** :ο½₯゚✧ We are a small yet active discord server where we specialize in aesthetics and to create a toxic free community. ΰΌΆβ€’β”ˆβ›§β”ˆβ™› β”ˆβ›§β”ˆβ€’ΰΌΆ C L I C K !ΰΌΆβ€’β”ˆβ›§β”ˆβ™›β”ˆβ›§β”ˆβ€’ΰΌΆ

Wild Rift: the skills-and-strategy 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends by Riot Games, now built from the ground up for mobile.

This is a new server for making friends through memes, emotes and just general talk!

In this discord server, you will be able to have fun and discuss several different topics such as montage editing and Valorant with peers.

heyo this a server to chat and play games memebers needed alot of gamers you can play with minecarft, fortnite, among us and many more what are you for JOIN NOW

This is a server based on Avatar Bendings. You can be Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Chi. Pick your power and fight with it!