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MineSaga features SkyCord, which is a revolutionary Discord game with paypal rewards!

You can be involved in ecommerce, affiliate marketing, running ads or just growing a social media page. We're a community of people all here to help each other out.

Bonjour! (I'm not frenchβ€”heh) This server is meant to be a safe space for anyone who joins. We provide giveaways + events, snug voice channels + a cozy chatting experience, self-advertising channel, music, profile customization, anime and more to come :}

STOP! YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST SERVER FOR SMALL GROUP GAMING! C'mon down and join because at Sol Gaming we play ALL games. (Some assembly required)

1. Social Anime Server on Discord πŸ’œ We have 500 emotes and host tons of Nitro Giveaways. Chill, make friends! Join now πŸ’›

Eine weirde Community!

This server allows you to chat about everything without being worried about rules. We believe in freedom of speech. It has games, musics, voice chats, role-plays. We talk nonsenses but we're sarcastic to make you laugh or cheer up your mood.

The Momint community is a great place to discuss NFTs and Crypto, chat with awesome digital creatives, and engage in some top quality banter.

Official UwU.tv Vtuber Agency Discord

Blueian Empire! Blueian Empire! Active Voice and Text channels and Active Minecraft Server!

🌺There are lots of fun things to do! We have Houses (Like in Harry Potter), Matchmaking, Listeners and lots of events! 🌺 🌺The server is really inclusive so feel free to join! (More Detailed Explanation if you click here)🌺

``` π–πžπ₯𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 The Minecraft Hangout! We are a Minecraft Chill server for people who like the game Minecraft Its mostly makes to amuse the community and just talk abt Minecraft So if u think I fit in to that wish Join today!

A server that makes Nitro Giveaways and talks about the Dream SMPs.

Sei Italiano? Ti piace Insurgency Sandstorm o semplicemente lo hai appena scoperto? Allora questa Γ¨ la community per te!

Si te gustarΓ­a charlar de juegos, animes, series, etc. pues este es tu servidor. Te esperamos!!!