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Join a group full of motivated Real Estate wholesalers / Agents / Sellers / Buyers! πŸ‘₯

An RP server based on Azur Lane and Kancolle, choose a warship from the 19th century to the modern day to play as and fight the Abyssals, monsters who seek to destroy humanity.

This server is aimed towards students, no matter the age or grade, to learn, study, and help others out. We have many subjects with a new one just taking someone asking us. And one of our best features is one on one lessons.

OctoPump is a bot that automatically scrapes the pumped coin name from Discord/Telegram, buys fast, and sells for a high profit all in a matter of milliseconds!

Towny time is a brilliant and fun minecraft towny server that has jobs!

Hello! we are a multicod content creating squad. our main pursuit is to get good call of duty snipers from any game, everyone in our squad makes content and alot of our members are apart of teams so its a good way to get recognized in the community!

We are here to Unite traders of all backgrounds and make profits as one! Everyone contributes! Everyone makes money.

πŸ€– Programming! πŸŽ‰ Fun! πŸ˜† Community! Join Now!

We provide a fun, laid back environment for everyone focused on helping one another. From PVP to PVE to Raids, we do it all! Stuck on an activity? We can help!

Join now to make friends, have fun, play games, and have FREE COOKIES!!!

Hello! We have a server and want to grow a community :D If u join it will help us a lot, welcome :)

We are a competetive gaming team, we play lots of first person shooter games such as... - Valorant - CS-GO - Overwatch - And more.

Basically the last bastion of actual free speech on the internet, we're a community/gaming server that specializes in not being normie fags, so come chill bruh, we can watch the world burn together.🍾🍿 Also no kids unless you wanna get bullied lel.

You can look forward to experiencing public transport, no matter if it's land, sea or air.

A server to chill with people, have a laugh and play games. I'm just trying to create a fun community for people :)

Looking for a GFX artist? Join this server and get your own design made. Designs such as YouTube thumbnails, banners/ headers, album covers and more can be designed here. What are you waiting for join this server you won't be dissapointed!