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SennetMC is a Minecraft server with a completely custom fishing plugin unique to any other server with cosmetics. We also have Towny!

Hey! We're a real laid back community that mainly chills, listens to music and vibe, smoke weed and has game nights like cards against humanity or anything where a ton of people can play. If you're looking to just make friends or play some games join us.

Hi Guys It’s BigQuiggz here, why don’t you come join our ever growing community on Discord! We talk about all topics lol, we’re an active Discord so don’t be scared to chat we don’t bite lol

Mainly a alert page for when KevBe goes live. But seeing as he isn't so egomaniac, he uses this server to promote free will. Post whatever so long as you're not being a asshat and posting things you shouldn't be posting. All is welcome if you're cool.

Win A Massive Prize For Inviting Friends To A Sever!

TRE or The Raptor Empire is a Discord community for gamers mainly but also can be for people not looking to game but just to hang out with people. As a gaming community we have a wide variety of games, consoles, and friends to play with.

Are you a Minecraft Gamer? Then you're in the right place. The server ip can be found on our discord channel. Discord Nitro Giveaways and in-game rewards with challenges can be found on the discord! #giveaways Note: online and offline users can play

Hello! This is a server about talking and playing games we have: A food channel no rules channel a lot of gaming vc and channels Good emojis fair rules school channel and more!

a gaming and anime server.

Are you looking for a safe space to RP your favorite Genshin Characters? Do you enjoy romantic or even lewd scenarios? Then this is the place for you!

Hey guys I've started a server for chill people to hang out with. We have language exchange, video games and music.

°-𐐪𐑂-♡ a friendly, non-toxic server °-𐐪𐑂-♡ level point system that can earn you rewards °-𐐪𐑂-♡ many roles you can get! °-𐐪𐑂-♡ a variety of channels °-𐐪𐑂-♡ We are a friendly community, and we accept any and everyone who would like to join! ♡-𐐪

This server is aimed towards students, no matter the age or grade, to learn, study, and help others out. We have many subjects with a new one just taking someone asking us. And one of our best features is one on one lessons.

A fun Minecraft Server With Custom minigames, kitpvp and survival. More coming soon. Active Community :)