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Heya, I made this server to find new people to chat with. Not just people who enjoy the same things as me but different people from different countries.

The discord server is owned by a small twitch streamer>

Hello, do you want to join our server?

GB01 Tribe is an brand new server and it's made by one of my friends.

Iconic Gaming Recruitment-The recruitment specialists Specializing in recruiting members for FiveM servers, we offer the advantage of working your interview server from us! OR just feel free to advertise!

Just a normal server with cool emojis 😐

◣welcome to late soju◥ late soju is a place where you can hang out! talk about anime, manga, music, games, anything and we welcome everyone too! late soju is a day to night server but on those nights where you can't sleep we are always up!

A game on Roblox Platform with 400+ Visits and it's a hardcore parkour game inspired by Juke's ToH!

Krocząc samotnie ciemną uliczką, napotykasz tajemniczą postać. Nie widzisz twarzy, lecz słyszysz głos, który przemawia do Ciebie: -Witaj, nazywają mnie Prorokiem. Widzę, że samemu kroczysz drogą gier wieloosobowych. Przytakujesz.

We currently combined have over 70k unique players throughout our community and are growing by the day, We host giveaways a bunch and try to give back to our community as much as possible.

Server is created in order to help people find the right information/torrent/assets they are looking for in a game or for a book. Server is dedicated to providing information and file sharing in user friendly manner.

Our server is about pretty much everything. You can chat about what you want. You can meet new people, discuss life, talk about your favorite games or stream them. Come and try it for yourself. Cost nothing, you know.

Welcome to Adrian's Social Club! This is a server where people get to socialize. You can be yourself and have a great time here.

Server yang nyatuin semua orang yang berbeda-beda Hobby, jd gk masalah dari kalangan mana kalian berasal.

safe space for rats & rat appreciators

HEY YOU! Looking for an Among Us server who is specifically English and active?. Well, this is the one! We do Among Us nights every day and we value you being in our server. Join now and we will be here to welcome you : )