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Official Discord server of Hallyucentral.com, a forum perfect for Kpop fans. In this server you can find a lot of Kpop fans to talk with, all kind of Kpop bots and a lot of Kpop emojis to use.

Hello! We are a new Minecraft community and are excited to be your new go-to server when you're looking for a place to find your zen, talk to friends, and ultimately sharpen your building skills.

「 Hello There **__Welcome To Lonely Community__** 」 __Our Server Has:-__ ➳ **Booster Perks** ➳ **Awesome Levelup Roles** ➳ **And More!

!! RECRUITING MODS !! Chill server for anime, art, hentai, cultured people. Currently very new server. Recommendations and suggestions are very well taken.

We are a Roblox ER;LC RP Group, Just Made.

Servidor do Projeto Meia-Vida, o Half-Life Brasileiro.

Join this serve for anime talks using your bot being friendly

Just a chill server where anyone is welcome. We play games, chill and talk, wath movies or shows, if you got any ideas for stuff you wanna do with people just throw it out there :)

A fresh, unique and inventive Dragon Ball Z roleplay server with active staff that is just beginning in its story.

This is a server based on Avatar Bendings. You can be Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Chi. Pick your power and fight with it!

a really chill server to talk to people, listen to music, play games and more! SERVER JUST GOT RENAVATED COME JOIN!!!

Cas and Comp Gaming, chill, music, chat, pigs, and much more.

This is a new server for making friends through memes, emotes and just general talk!

This Server is meant for only those brave souls that wanna duke it out in a epic battle for power.

Hey! We are a new server , but we offer • great people to speak with • Fun bots with various games • Music and entertainment • Anime and Manga fans Non toxic too! So what are you waiting for , join our pack today! 🐺 :)