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A community for people to commit to goals, post updates on progress, and motivate others while practicing social distancing for COVID-19. Provides an encouraging, supportive virtual retreat for those looking to bring a sense of “normality” back to life

Welcome to The Basement Hangout! This place is where we kidnap you and then put you down here to vibe! In all seriousness, this server is to vibe and be social. We have economics, memes, music, custom roles, reward roles and more!

A great chill out server for those interested in memes, gaming, some politics (we are right wing friendly), LGBT friendly, NSFW, Crypto currency, pol, free giveaways, and meeting new people. Come hangout! - FREE DISCORD NITRO PER 10 INVITES FIRST WEEK.

pls join :D it’s quite a nice server n I’m trying to revive it<3

This server is a great way to create new friends and relax while you play your games, talk about anime, create memes/share meme, or even just talking in general.

Start The Game is a Community of Weebs, Gamers, Programmers and Introverts. So let's Start The Game! Shall we?

Zurvive is a Dayz ps4/5 community server with a hardcore focus, no boosted loot, traders or safe zones!

Nice server with 1000+ people, come talk about whatever

We are a chill server with the perfect community to meet and talk with new people!

A discord Metal Server that has Metal Associated Mini Games such as show booking and soon a lyric based mini game, there are also a lot of channels for your opinions and a generally relaxed environment

Des événements speed dating !!! Le serveur 💕 Love Dating 💕 réouvre enfin ses portes ! Grâce à nos nombreux salons personnalisés, vous accéderez à un monde rempli de bonne humeur, de rencontres, et qui sait, peut-être un peu d'amour 😉... N'hésitez pas à

A small community where you can talk to people about your problems, or any day life things. you can also play games with new friends, we've been friends since 2018, and have just now decided we'd love for some more people to join :)

Welcome to Fallout 76 Trading server We will allow all items to be traded here including hacked , spawned in and glitched items. We allow all forms of trading / selling but do so while being aware of such risks. Feel free to discuss any hacks /exploits

Shibe's World Is A Server Where You Can Talk About Shibes And Other Animals! We Are Currently Looking For Staff

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