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Freaks & Geeks is an outcast/stoner-friendly server filled with some quirky gamers. We have good vibes. 0 Drama, and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. [b]HOP IN HERE. CHILL WITH US. <3 [/b]

A chill community server that focuses on creating happy vibes.

Come Chat. We are Trying to Build a Community of Streamers. You Can Always Leave After All.

Hey! SrMochii here! I am an owner of a discord in which I am trying to grow! We are mainly creators supporting each other in our endeavors as we socialize! We are gamers, both competitive and casual!

We are A Gaming Team that has over 500 members. We are still trying to grow and need your help! If you are interested, please join!

We Just be chillin lets talk

ʚ✟⃛ɞ The Casting Couch ʚ✟⃛ɞ 16+ community! ✦ – a fun, chill & entertaining server. – ✧ – to create a huge family where everyone feels welcomed – ✦ – a cute community with 1:1 female to male ratio

Are you looking for a military themed discord server with international players? Then you might want to check out Missfit Military Base! We have a small community here that is playing with a lot of games and online every day!

Server aperto a tutti e agli amanti del gaming

Welcome to Terror. Studios! We're a games studio intended to make ROBLOX games for the amazing community out there! Consider coming in our server to hang out and play the games we have! You're always welcome into our friendly server!

Welcome to Meow for cute emotes and cool place to hang out. Many cute anime and girly emotes. Come check it out! 🤍

🏆Gaming & Entertainment 🌐| Competitive Based Esports Establishment 👤 Server Boost Now🙏New Server


Open world Surival Minecraft Server.

For The Elite Truckers