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Building a small and welcoming community! | Open to suggestions for the server/activities! | Wanna play games and hang out! | We both need friends!

NSFW server 18+ Join the community and view and post nudes!

The Den is a play where you can hangout with other members in the sever. Use bot commands for your entertainment. Also Follow the rules and have fun.

A social server, looking for friendly active members. Let's make friends together!

An active Marvel server, with a big community, where you can discuss your favourite, comics, shows and movies.

Dank Champions is a place where you can grind on dank memer, watch sum cool animals, trade, bet, and more!

Server to chill around, we vc everyday, everybody knows eachother and we play a lot of valorant and other games.

The cottage is a super aesthetic cottagecore themed server! Everyone is really sweet and welcoming and we'd love to see you join us! We offer heaps of cool bots, channels and things to do during your stay! We can't wait to see you there!

An in-development Discord app client modification, allowing for a truly customizable experience through the use of plugins, themes, and built-in settings. We also have over 130 high quality pepe emotes!

Group: Kavala Roleplay [KRP] Branch: Roleplay/Community Language: English Timezone: Mainly GMT, but accepting others Hiring: Kavala PD/Kavala EMS/Staff

Travelers Roleplay is a FIVEM roleplay server, striving for a mature and serious community. (This is not an ERP Discord server)

This a roblox military roleplay game. Train to rank up!

-SFW with NSFW channels (No verification needed!) -Safe community for everyone -Economy and game commands -Leveling system -Cute, calm aesthetic -Available partnerships and affiliations -Reaction roles -And more!

This is a gaming server like pubg and we organise here custom room , scrims, gameplay , team etc.

A dark academia/cottagecore study and chatting server with optional roleplaying. The server is split into two sides or 'factions' which can be joined with the role claiming channel which must be used to access the server.

VCOIN (https://therealvcoin.com/ ) is the first fully transferable digital currency to power virtual communities. If you're interested in crypto, gaming and the future of gaming metaverses like IMVU, check out the TheRealVCOIN Discord server!