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join server, u get paimon sandwiches and friemds.

This server is a gaming community for games like GTA 5 and Call Of Duty Warzone!


Welcome to a Sever for Chilling, Giveaways and Games. I run small minecraft server with very few rules but good systems and fair rules, come join with friends!

IKIGAI is a SFW and non-toxic kpop server!

In this discord server, we do a variety of different thing its mainly a voice group chat but we do giveaways voice calls games anything and everything

The Hidden Lounge is a small new welcoming server with a polite community and fun bots to interact with, more details on join page.

Chill server for meeting people and gaming together

counting to a million

• Community Server • Black and red aesthetic • Nsfw channel • Dark humor allowed • Anime friendly • Pic perms at lvl 10

a small server for my streams and to talk and chill

We like anime, memes and gaming. Join our mini community on our journey to meet users just like you.

This server is a casual DnD server that focuses on a futuristic dystopia, planet jumping, steampunk setting! Grab your favorite Ace Attorney character, and hop on in!

Academia is a hangout server for college students with newly expanding channels to share memes, play video games, establish new friendships, vent, and more.

Привет, это сервер ютуберов. Здесь круто, мы рады всем новичкам. Поможешь продвинуться. У нас много обновлений, задуманных проектов по поводу сервера! Ждём тебя)

ndhwjakhajkhjda is a server about anime, gaming and other shit. Join if you're looking for fun. A lotta shitposting 😁😁