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This Is a gaming server! We are a community of gamers ranging from mostly Minecraft and among us! Feel free to join to make gamer friends and game!

- Fun Roles - Secure verify - Chat - Among us night's on Friday 6pm EDT (If not earlier) -Server status Count (More in the future)

This is a place to bring your friends and talk with new and interesting people for a while. Whether you just got off work, want to play a game with someone, or just want to chill for a bit and talk, you can come here.

-Feel free to join and get a good laugh and chat with others. -Also you can follow us on ig #memedowntownn πŸ’–

Ein Discord-Server fΓΌr Pen and Paper Spieler und Spielleiter. Falls du gerade einen Spieler oder Spielleiter suchst, bist du hier komplett richtig.

This server is a gaming community server which has cool roles and weekly giveways

Ohayo Weeb-kun ! Si tu es fan de manga, anime, cosplay, bodypillows et hentai alors tu es le bienvenue ! T'en fait pas, si tu aimes seulement les anime tu peux nous rejoindre aussi !

Friendly server with bounch of ppl who are playing among us lol cod and more.

In this server you can show off your games, memes, and art, It is also kind of like a gamedev server and you can get help from others And join if you like monkey we all like monkeys in this server it is kind of required to like monkeys

Sperm is a very accepting server with many cool events, we play games, watch anime and hangout !!

This new server is meant for all you movie lovers and binge watchers out there! Created on the 4th of January 2021 by a fellow movie lover. This server is still really new and needs some active movie lovers to spice it up! STAFF APPLICATIONS OPEN!

Caln Kannaika welcomes you to Intergalactic Creativity, an art server that's made for everyone! All species(fandoms) are welcome!

Welcome to the gaming community, our goal is to make a fun and save environment for all members.


𝑩𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒛 is an online dating/chatting server for 13-17 year olds