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you can't escape my basement >:)

We just made this new server because we're bored. So, if you're bored and wanna meet someone then come join us!

Welcome to Atonement! This is an open community server for a Roblox game called Shindo Life. If you play that game and want to join an open community, this is the one for you! We are soon to become official by the creators and have a lot to offer!

Academia is a hangout server for college students with newly expanding channels to share memes, play video games, establish new friendships, vent, and more.

This is just a nice place to hang out, and talk, and meet some new friends!

Team Seventy-7 servers is a place where beginners or former players of PUBG mobile team up together to learn new things and share some tricks and strategy to other players.

Just a small discord server for people who love genshin impact! Welcoming any and all new people to join us for a good time! Invite your friends :^)

Join because Opotamus.

We are a small discord server that revolves around hentai. Unlike other hentai servers, we got chats that pretty damn full. I post pretty regularly so you can always some fresh stuff. We have quite a few roles too.

Hello. This is a server you can make friends from other countries. The server is tied to language learning but you don't need to be interested into it to have fun I hope. Please give it a chance. Keep in mind the server is relatively new and inactive

This is the official fan club server for Youtuber, PhantomSwag! You can do lots of stuff here by going to the "pro-gamer-tips" and discussing ways to help your gamer career. You can also go to the "Game chat" voice channel, bring friends, and play games!

A discord server based on the Programming World. Help, Suggestion, Finding new friends, all connected by the programming passion! Join us now!