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FredCraft Network Official Discord | Minecraft Community

A server for people who just want a community to feel welcomed in. We may be small, but that's what makes us so active! We are inclusive and fun, so if you're thinking about it, then come in!

Small streamers need to help other small streamers if they want to make it on an already flooded platform. Link your stream, follow for follow, ask for help, or just chat with each other. This is a community for streamers to grow together.

This server is mostly just me (a femboy) looking for a dom and more people to chat with, and maybee meet up with at some point if someone is so inclined 😘💞

we are a family friendly server a community and a gaming server

Hé ! Vous cherchez un serveur avec des utilisateurs non seulement francophones, mais aussi anglophones ? Vous êtes au bon endroit !

This a roblox military roleplay game. Train to rank up!

Building a small and welcoming community! | Open to suggestions for the server/activities! | Wanna play games and hang out! | We both need friends!

Team Explicit is a new Fortnite clan looking to grow. We are looking for Competitive players, Casual players, Content creators, VFX/GFX Editors, and more!

Fun group of Bowser fans

This discord server is a place where gamers anime lovers and nerds can chat and play

This is a D&D server for both causal and veteran experiences alike. Always welcoming new DMs and players.

A community for developers worldwide. We provide cheatsheets for any use-case. Our server is growing rapidly. Join now!


VCOIN (https://therealvcoin.com/ ) is the first fully transferable digital currency to power virtual communities. If you're interested in crypto, gaming and the future of gaming metaverses like IMVU, check out the TheRealVCOIN Discord server!

Let's talk about Crypto!