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This server allows you to chat about everything without being worried about rules. We believe in freedom of speech. It has games, musics, voice chats, role-plays. We talk nonsenses but we're sarcastic to make you laugh or cheer up your mood.

Official UwU.tv Vtuber Agency Discord

Welcome to Eternities Roleplay™! Where we strive for Realism and Professionalism.

A discord server to help you get on top of schoolwork this coming year

From this server, you can make many new friends, use bots, enjoy nitro giveaways and bot giveaways! Thank You for joining!

Hey there, looking for indonesian and english friendly server with Kosan (Boarding house) theme. Join us now!! ☞ Social Zone also packed with many feature. JOIN THIS SERVER TO SEE ALL FEATURE INSIDE. alt link: discord.link/SocialZone

We are a minecraft server with podcasts and where you can play other games but we are mostly focused on Minecraft

Welcome to the Hive! We are a cozy community server that hosts discussions, debates, and deep conversation. Have an intellectual debate or make casual friends; join our Minecraft server or stream a movie. Whatever you're looking for, we got you covered.

🌺There are lots of fun things to do! We have Houses (Like in Harry Potter), Matchmaking, Listeners and lots of events! 🌺 🌺The server is really inclusive so feel free to join! (More Detailed Explanation if you click here)🌺

Trout hangout is a great community and server, we have a bunch of fun bots, great administration, fun people, and a great place to make new friends!

Welcome to Dolfinx's Destiny Looking For Gamers server! Use this server for your own LFGs rather than smelly raid rooms.

The Momint community is a great place to discuss NFTs and Crypto, chat with awesome digital creatives, and engage in some top quality banter.

Friendly and helpful Genshin Impact Community Chill and fun

The Pilot Club is a friendly, thriving community of flightsim aviators. We share our passion for aviation by doing scheduled and unscheduled group flights on VATSIM.

A place for shiny hunters to share their shiny finds!

Best gaming server for all games.