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This server hosts a number of players focusing on mainly survivor games, Fps shooters and coop Story games. if you are interested we are more than happy to welcome you upon our small and growing community!

A Art Server Which Provides you with Assets which help Gfx Designer Including Content Creators We have assets of many games which will Help Each and Every Content CREATOR! Get in here and Enjoy We keep Uploading and updating assets

A Brand new server, with friendly people who enjoy sharing their interests.

Financial Discord, Stocks, Crypto, Credit, etc...

Welcome! In this server You can chat, send memes, play games, make friends and also have private chats with people if you really need

Vibe café is a place for teens to come together and chat. We have many bots and aren't too strict over rules. We can guarentee a catfish free expirience and are very non-toxic. If this sounds like the server for you we got a brew waiting for you.

An aesthetic server.

Hey! this server is based around making friendships and chilling out with some people. we would love to make some besties!!

Expand your singing skills! Review a massive growing library of instructional resources & ask technique questions and request constructive feedback from vocal coaches!

RCThemePark is the most magical recreation of Disneyland Paris in Minecraft. This is a place where everyone can enjoy the magic of Disneyland. Come and talk about your favorite Disney Characters and your favorite Rides.

Uneun Sae is a kpop based roleplay server with tons of benefits! Join us!

A server based on Kimi Ga Shine by Nankidai! Personal Roles of beloved characters or floormasters you adored from the game and miscellaneous roles for the artistic bunch! You’re not limited to only YTTD here; all rpg maker game fans and etc are welcomed

Hello this is a friendly server and we are not strict our rules are simple and have fun!

A Discord Server with a rather small community, with chill laid-back people who like the game Undertale.

Calling in all our otaku friends <3 Join our server to make and interact with people all over the world of the same interest!!