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Hi! Welcome to バイブカフェ!! It means Vibe Cafe in Japanese so come join if you're chill and looking to make new friends!

We Are YBA Drip Gang We Love JoJo's Bizzare Adventure We can carry you in Games We are very Friendly We are very Social We do frequent Givaways and we are a great server!

We are a ever growing team of Roblox developers.

EYM discord server


A very chill server!

the writers’ corner is a cozy place for anyone interested in books, writing, and poetry galore!

👑Exotic 18+👑 ღSFW & Exotic Adult Communityღ 🎲Games For All🎲 📞VC's & Private VC's📞 💰Gambling Bot Coming Soon!💰 🎉Giveaways🎉

Swag peak academy!!! A fun danganronpa roleplay server <3

It was originally designed to hold memes from my phone, but now people post their own memes as well. Sometimes I will post about my weird work experiences.

Hey, heres some info about my server. - In the server you can chill, - Make friends, - Chat about games and much more.

Discussion forum and multiplayer matchmaking for EU4 and other Paradox games. We host mass multiplayer events and anyone can get a channel to host their campaign with us!

Welcome to Around Anime Center! We are looking for active people that are chill. Our moderation isn't high and we include all members in our daily chaos.

A Art Server Which Provides you with Assets which help Gfx Designer Including Content Creators We have assets of many games which will Help Each and Every Content CREATOR! Get in here and Enjoy We keep Uploading and updating assets

Hey! this server is based around making friendships and chilling out with some people. we would love to make some besties!!

Mmmmmm bacon is place where you can do what you want and meet new people or your friends.

RCThemePark is the most magical recreation of Disneyland Paris in Minecraft. This is a place where everyone can enjoy the magic of Disneyland. Come and talk about your favorite Disney Characters and your favorite Rides.