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A server where you can chill and talk to people. We support LGBTQIA+. You can also look for a lover if you want.

xCoin is a virtual currency, with focus on privacy and security. We provide you with secure services as encrypted xCoin wallet services, marketplace services, socializing services and much more. Join our discord to know more about our service.

1000 member goal and non-toxic

A group of very weird people that you'll love

This is a server that you can promote/advertise in. There are of course also fun channels, such as memes, pets and more.

MacAppNews: news about applications for MacOS. It doesn't matter which Mac App you are looking. We are on Telegram too: https://t.me/s/MacAppNews

AL is a community lounge server a safe haven for all races genders and sexuality’s. We are founded and created by Hansen#1975 | Hansen strives for their servers, and goes through many hardships but he believes AL will come to life!

Get verified on any platform here. There is a small fee, but our work is guaranteed with a 100% success rate!

Sugar Bear ・is a small⸝⸝ neat⸝⸝ soft aesthetic themed & active server with a pretty chill, relaxed, ⸝⸝ welcoming⸝⸝ community

Ducky's Hangout is a server that is meant for you to play bot games, (e.g. Pancake Bot games), talk to your friends, or play games with your friends.

Looking for friend to play with ? We are a worldwide community and we are waiting for you ;) Tu cherches des amis avec qui joué ? Rejoins nous, nous sommes impatients de t'accueillir ;)

Hey guys this is my first server and I'd like if you'd join it we have: games fun giveaways and many more

Code name TeaTime also known as TeaTime is a server you can go to talk to people and make new friends.

We are a Star Trek themed fan community.

a fun community with many roles to chose from, and many channels/vc’s to suit your tastes.

*Cute emojis *Gaming community *we love bots *anime talks!