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A friendly community discord server. Here you can talk with people about almost everything!The server also has a a minecraft server! Come check it out!

In this server, we just like to chill, meet new people and what we will be doing is hosting a Minecraft Java SMP when we get 15 people that would like to join. We host competitions sometimes for money and just generally have fun, and yea that's it.

We play games as a community and run multiple events here while in a relaxed atmosphere.

سيرفرالشرق الاوسط للعبة الهروب من تاركوف يمكنك ان تجد اشخاص للعب معهم او حتى المساعدة اذا كنت جديد في اللعبه و سوف تجد كل المعلومات التى سوف تساعدك في اللعب .مثل الخرائط و معلومات عن المهام المطلوبه منك داخل اللعبه

A fun little server of my creation. We have countries to join and an economy to run, and we hope that everyone here can enjoy themselves. Small role play involved in some aspects, but overall a fun time!

hello, welcome to our server! we are a new server looking to grow :D

Free chegg question join now no cooldown no payment it's free forever join

We are a new server starting out, we welcome people here of all types! Come vibe, play games, and just chat with us! We're a 13+ server (if you're under 13 do not join) thank you so much for choosing us!

FPL discord server


Place to talk Fantasy Football!

Our server is dedicated to bringing back the good ole days. Being able to hop on the server and find people with common interests and play any game you dream of.

Looking to add chill new members to our discord. A place made for nerds, by nerds.

We currently are a small browser game channel and we are always looking for new people to join Army Clicker!

All that is there to do in the server is to chat :D

This Rocket League server contains trading, casual playing, competitive playing, coaching, highlights, and just regular chatting. Xbox, Ps4, pc, and switch can all join. Everybody is allowed in this server and I hope you can join and have fun!

A chill server to come hangout and vibe with some sound dudes...

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