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This group is fully dedicated to helping others. Even if we are not medically licensed we will do our best to provide great advice and be there for you. Here you can help others, be helped yourself, or a little bit of both.

Feeling Lonely? Needs some friends to kick some shit with and have a good time? This server is just for you. Our server is very relaxed and actively posts memes as well as just hang out in voice chat.

This server is for all things gaming and anime. This is a judgement free zone for people of all backgrounds!

Nice server with 1000+ people, come talk about whatever

A discord server for a roblox group. We make games, and sometimes do events such as giveaways! We're currently making a sword game too, if you're interested.

Hey, feel free to join my twitch server where we can all chill, listen to music and even play with the waifu bot! We are just starting out but would love to have people come drop by and see how they like it! <3

This is a roleplay server with quests, weapons, fights, and more. You can play with you friends and earn money! This server was meant for people who like to have fun, so if you don't there are much more servers. Do you have the wand?

One of the best places to hang out with friends is of course Discord ! The comfort that your room offers cannot be offered by any mall or a pub. You can be yourself, kick up your heels, not worry about your looks and talk loudly about anything.

Hey guys! This is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure server! We have memes, jokes, discussion and a lounge! Enjoy our jojo emotes and make friends! Also, the admin is Christian btw! Have fun!

Welcome Aboard the Flying Dutchman A new server filled with my crew with high roles available for interview now! Ye wont regret - Davy Jones

This is a fivem Roleplay server, Semi serious and very active

Welcome to The YOaracle.

Hello, and welcome to Right-Wing Thoosies! A Discord server where we discuss politics from a right-wing point of view, and we also have one channel designated to roller coasters. Please note that in order to join, you must be right-wing or right-leaning.

lowkey kinda toxic, but really fun space to make friends and get a good laugh every once in a while. Join us for a newfound depression

This is the official discord server for Hideous Laughter Productions, an actual play podcasting network that plays Paizo systems. We have active channels for character building and rules as well as discord exclusive live stream events.

E.N.T.A et un serveur français unique, pour venir trouver des partenaires de jeux vidéos, et bien plus encore... E.N.T.A et un serveur qui offre des cadeaux à la communauté, les membres peuvent êtres certifiés pour une sécurité en plus...