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Come Join this upcoming programming community! This server is based on the tutorial site csprogramming.center . Find help for your project, look for projects, or look for members for your own projects!

a fun, new way of making friends, semi active nice people channels for every interest active mods/admins cool bots

This server is a casual DnD server that focuses on a futuristic dystopia, planet jumping, steampunk setting! Grab your favorite Ace Attorney character, and hop on in!

This Discord is for the creative community to come together, share your work, and network!

➜Growing community ➜Giveaways! ➜Hentai & anime discussion is 100% supported ➜We will supply you with hentai codes! (Just give the hentai tags u want in bracket) So, come here fellow weeb! and we will turn you into a complete degenarate!

-----Insert Porn----- -----Ask For Porn----- -----More-----

A FUN ACTION ROLE PLAYING SERVER! Earn gold and move up in ranks, many action packed games and other fun activities are also a huge part.

Rocket league discord for trading and finding players!

This server is for a Minecraft war, in a world called Bragul. It is a battle between good and evil, with epic castles and kingdoms. We have good builders and PVPers here as well. Come and plan for war!

join negro ◌ 𓂅✩ simple layout + aesthetic + "emo" ・ ✩ Self roles + colors ꗃ✩ 𓂅semi-toxic server/semi active + semi active vc ꗃ✩ 𓂅 share yr music/music you listen 2 :yum: ◌ 𓂅✩ music vc

Egypt's discord

Here is where you can vibe and chill with others , bring in some friends and users to grow the server , enjoy the server the why you like and the server is still small so we hope you can help us grow the server.

A Discord server for the HenGan Artificially intelligent Anime2Hentai conversion system!

Want a family that you can rely on? Well here the perfect place! Kazoku is a kawaii cute family themed server with lots of interactive roles and members! Come and join our family!! Interested in being a sibling or pet.? Or how about a friendly neighbor!

‧ ₊˚ʚ `🌷` ꒰꒰ : the art office ♡ ༉‧₊ join us n share ur art. however you're creative you're welcome here ♡ ♡ ♡ . °. • 。* . •. ° 。•. ° . * .·.