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Greetings to you dear adventurer! In this server, the center of all discussion is based on The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. There you will find chat rooms for the game, help, tips and tricks, but also modding!

We are an LGBT+ community that accepts everyone for who they are. This server is a safe and friendly community. Join now!

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MacAppNews: news about applications for MacOS. It doesn't matter which Mac App you are looking. We are on Telegram too: https://t.me/s/MacAppNews

Cool/Chill server for everyone to relax and communicate

Get verified on any platform here. There is a small fee, but our work is guaranteed with a 100% success rate!

A simple discord server to talk about your favorite games, YouTubers and get updates for your games all in the same place.

A friendly server with friendly people! Everyone is welcome to join!!

This is a server that you can promote/advertise in. There are of course also fun channels, such as memes, pets and more.

Looking for friend to play with ? We are a worldwide community and we are waiting for you ;) Tu cherches des amis avec qui jouรฉ ? Rejoins nous, nous sommes impatients de t'accueillir ;)

Code name TeaTime also known as TeaTime is a server you can go to talk to people and make new friends.

Sugar Bear ใƒปis a smallโธโธ neatโธโธ soft aesthetic themed & active server with a pretty chill, relaxed, โธโธ welcomingโธโธ community

Our server specializes in tutoring and advising those in need for free!

Toxic Waste is a SFW fan made multiple topic community with a somewhat aesthetic theme for Gaming. We offer a fun and friendly environment with a lot of Channels & Bots for anyone who wants to talk about anything they like! (e.g Anime, Gaming)