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💕💕💕Tired of quarantine? Come here to play games, hang out with new or old friends - or find your soulmate😉! We will also host interesting giveaways every month. Non-toxic community!💕💕💕

Welcome to the official Demon Slayer Bot server!

teafull. -self care category ₊˚੭ . journaling . positivity . mindfulness -lgbtq+ safe, open for partners <3₊˚੭

League Bulls NFT is a collection of 7777 unique eye catching Basket ball themed bull characters generated algorithmically from over 300 Traits.

Join Dank Robbers today if you are a Dank Memer player and want to become rich! We can help players go for poor to rich and help them get better at making their own money by having rob enabled and DAILY GIVEAWAYS!!

you have an invitation to join eunoia|zodiacs & more ────── ⋆☆⋆ ────── We are a kind and caring community, where everyone is welcome<3

Bonjour! (I'm not french—heh) This server is meant to be a safe space for anyone who joins. We provide giveaways + events, snug voice channels + a cozy chatting experience, self-advertising channel, music, profile customization, anime and more to come :}

two Tutorials in 8 different fields per weak one of our projects is to make a Game Engine having fun together and playing games talking about daily trends and news sharing our knowledge crafts, art, codes, music, projects, ...

This server allows you to chat about everything without being worried about rules. We believe in freedom of speech. It has games, musics, voice chats, role-plays. We talk nonsenses but we're sarcastic to make you laugh or cheer up your mood.

Just a hangout server, trying to make chaos and have fun

Looking for a server where you can have fun and VIBE at the same time? This server is packed with everything you would ever need in a hangout server, and so much more, we have all your needs and wants here at Vibe Life!

We are an avid and active community of crystal and gemstone lovers! Whether you enjoy the science behind the minerals, to the metaphysics- or if you just like shiny things... there is a place for you in our gemmy family! We'd love to get to know you 💎

Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy your stay! ✨We're active at almost every time zone, and we'll be doin small giveaways for the people who wants it. It's easy to win, since there's only 100 members!

✨Voted the #1 Minecraft server in the world✨ ✨Daily Nitro giveaways✨ ✨Mc.CosmicMc.Net✨

You can be involved in ecommerce, affiliate marketing, running ads or just growing a social media page. We're a community of people all here to help each other out.