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Versus Saloon est un serveur gaming français où vous pourrez discuter avec d'autres joueurs sur de nombreux jeux ( Apex, Fortnite, CoD, etc..) mais vous pourrez aussi discuter d'autres sujets (manga, films, musique, séries)

Join us in general chat, get itemshop updates, leaks for Fortnite, and info about Pokémon Go as well. Looking for new members, oh and did I mention giveaways?

We are a group of people who scan Manhuas and we're chill humans

Salut nous somme des streameur qui organisons des tournois et on es hyper actif donc venez nous rejoindre

Join the cozy and inclusive Nintendo gaming server full of animal crossing and Zelda fun along with other games. Come meet a community of amazing and kind people and promote your own social media, art, and more. Also chat about so much in many channels

Many... funny... people


Join4Join 🚀🎄 is the fastest growing J4J server out there. You can easliy gain members in our server. Alot of our members gained over thousends members by joining us and advertising! Want this to? Join now and start growing! 📈

It would mean a lot if you joined, its still in development but i hope you don't mind. Its been really fun making this server, since its my very first one, so i hope you enjoy

currently hiring moderators and partnership managers. a cottagecore aesthetic server for socializing in a comfy zone. bots to play with when you're bored pls join us here and have fun! :)

Heya, I made this server to find new people to chat with. Not just people who enjoy the same things as me but different people from different countries.

The discord server is owned by a small twitch streamer>

Server aperto a tutti e agli amanti del gaming

hello, we are a small server help us grow! mostly a apex legends server but we will be there for battlefield 2042 >:)

Bei B1RDFR1NDS dreht sich alles um die Community. Wir schauen zusammen Anime, reden über alles mögliche und zocken zusammen Games. Es gibt kein vorgesetztes Setting, wir sind immer offen für Vorschläge aus der Community.