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FiveM Modification Server

A fun server! You can be Ms/Mr Mystic Falls! You can save Mystic Falls! You can get new friends!

A discord server based on the Programming World. Help, Suggestion, Finding new friends, all connected by the programming passion! Join us now!

A chill server where people vibe and interact.

🎁 Magic Nitro 🎁 Want some free, legit nitro? Come on in and join Magic Nitro! Free Nitro Giveaways and Drops with invite rewards! Lots of fun, contests and tournaments of different types with dozens of rewards! Join a growing community and win rewards!

Tech Grind is a collaborative space to learn about technology. From coding languages to machine learning, all tech nerds are welcome!

A fun, small server that is just for the jokes, no snowflakes. We are wanted in 73 countries... join us...

Escape From Tarkov can be a hard game to learn, and an even harder one to master. We're here to help each and everyone who joins us!

We are a fun, goofy server! We have tons to do here, and try out best to maintain peace within the server! We have hosted events such as game/movie nights & will be doing more in the future! We are looking for active members!

β•­β”ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- β•°β”ˆβž€ ❝ [the cooler way to interact with fellow one direction fans.] ❞

A place where Rockstar games collectors can hang out and discuss collecting

This server is a place for all entrepreneurs alike and different to come together. We are a friendly community filled with amazing people who are willing to help you and make sure you succeed, under any condition.

Very nice and not toxic HvH community. Everyone is welcome!

A simple skyblock server where we have bots to help you with Hypixel Skyblock.

Join because Opotamus.