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Hello, π‚π‘πšπ’ is a Partner Portal server. You want to advertise your server in here, or look for 𝗣𝗠'π˜€ or 𝗔𝗠'π˜€ to hire, we have it all. Join the server and have a look around.

Glasse’s House is a Discord Server who’s owner (aka Glasse) got raid by Dani when was streaming on Twitch. Glasse soon gut a lot more famous than he expect. Let’s help him grow by joining his server and spam Boner!

Just a small discord server for people who love genshin impact! Welcoming any and all new people to join us for a good time! Invite your friends :^)

A small, chill, friendly, inclusive, multi-fandom K-Pop community server where everyone can just be themselves and talk about K-pop/anime (might expand more)

This is a (twitch) comunity server. We also play games together

The perfect server for your art/anime/manga/gaming needs! Hope you join! <3

A discord server based on the Programming World. Help, Suggestion, Finding new friends, all connected by the programming passion! Join us now!

A BRAND NEW!!! Discord server for hanging and video games. Gambling 🎰 / Rocket League ⚽️ / Rainbow Six / Rank Checks / Music 🎢/ Call Of Duty / Anime. Weebs Always Welcome.

Who doesn’t want to join the GAMERSPARADISE?

A baby server all about Mark's, Jack's, and Ethan's egos...! We're all here to share our love for these YouTubers and the wonderful characters and stories they create.

Very nice and not toxic HvH community. Everyone is welcome!

β€’|β€’ Butler β€’|β€’ [❓] β€’ C'est quoi ? C'est un serveur communautaire regroupant des personnes avec qui vous pourrez sans aucuns soucis sympathiser. β€’ ➑️ Le but de notre serveur est de vous faire rencontrer de nouvelles personnes !

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https://tinychat.com/technowitches ___ our main webcam chatroom conversational hangout : Aliens , Sex , Dreams , Tarot , Astrology , and Bitcoin

A simple skyblock server where we have bots to help you with Hypixel Skyblock.