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Safe place for all anime & gaming lovers and chill peeps !

A fantasy RP that is entirely text-based and on Discord. Join the server for a great deal more information on the RP's setting and many other details.

Come join a developer lounge, game jam, bot support server, minecraft server, and much more here at the RigidNetwork!

We are a growing community that do flight rp in gta 5 online, we have many different roles including pilot, atc, ground etc. For the moment we are xbox only but if this server progresses we will be all platforms, we would love to see you in our rp soon!

ā™” join our server for essentials and pngs! U惻ļ»Œćƒ»U

This community is centered around the company Goon Raccoons which focuses heavily on education around firearms and tactical equipment as well as cyber and personal security.

Server iskljucivo za programere. Ali naravno, svi su dobrodosli!

Community Server for Team Rose! Join us to hang-out and have a good time!


A place for lonely people to talk.

The place to talk to people, make friends, and have fun!

Calm server to play some Among Us or CS:GO. We also got great music (:

an open and non-judgemental community to discuss and share thoughts and fantasies about cheating

The minecraft discord for SheepMC! Sheemc.playmc.at


Let's talk about Crypto!

The official ColorBlend FX video game Discord server.