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The Scurry is a small community for you to find and make new friends to play with. We also have Movie Nights where you can watch movies for free. Nitro giveaways might come soon.

╭ ・・・・・× ・☽◞ ❝ Black Rose ︶꒦꒷︶₊ ✩・open to suggestions ⚘・active ✩・aesthetic / clean layout ⚘・make friends ✩・custom roles ⚘・friendly staff :slight_smile: ✩・useful channels ╰・・・・・・× ๑‧˚₊ j o i n t o d a y ! ₊˚‧๑ ----------------------------

Komm in den ersten JRPG Server in deutschsprachigem Raum. Lasst uns die Liebe zu Jrpgs zusammen teilen und Spiele wie Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, Secret of Evermore/ Mana, Xeno Blade/ Saga / Gears, Suikoden und viel mehr nicht zu kurz kommen.

The best community thriven Rust LFG Discord server. Simplicity is key. Hop into the action directly! Our Server has HQ Audio Channels for you to use!

Talk about machine learning, data science, or programming

VC, chill chat, vibe with us now!

Lookin' for a quick nut? Come here and I'll solve your problems!

Chill/Relax Gaming Server

hey there, we are new clan and server, who want as many players who play cold war, valorant, warzone and rocket league. if you play any of those and have a mic, just join and enjoy your time in our server <3

We are a fast growing server for Furry and Anime art/topics.

Hello! Catastrophic is a dark-RP based in the distant future, Anthropomorphic animals run the Earth. If you're looking for a Roleplay that combines: Cannibalism, Corrupt cops, Cult-like organizations and chill/dark rp. Welcome!

I post Unreleased music everyone from some of your favorite rappers! Join and get access to all the unreleased music out!

Hey! We're a friendly small group of players who all love a variety of games. We have our own Minecraft SMP server anyone is free to join, we all play a variety of games together such as Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, CSGO, Eve Online, and more!

welcome to discord’s home of the weebs, gamers, and introverts! here you can chat with people, play games, voice chat, and more! (also, the server is toilet bound hanako-kun themed!)

NEW! Friendly Dating Server! 16+/LGBT Friendly. Looking For Members And Staff!

This is Pallen0304's Twitch server. Pallen streams games by his community's request and when gifted. He enjoys mostly PvE Cooperative Online Games he can play with his viewers, story games, MMOs, and occasionally shooters.