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Just basically a server for otakus ;-;.

This Discord server is for Gnomish89's Youtube channel! Hang out, play Minecraft, Among Us together and win Giveaways and Shout-outs in one of his Youtube videos!

A no bs social server with friendly and chaotic people ready to meet and have fun with you.

We are a small community of gamers and content creator, we recently got sponsored by rouge energy. We offer small gamers to become professionals, want to join us?

Hi my name is LowVisionSuspicion and I have a server for people who stream on YouTube Twitch and Trovo and other platforms we have a chill atmosphere with music games and anything else you can imagine.

a therapy server where you can vent, have expressive roles, socialize, and much more!

For The Elite Truckers

Goated On the Keys is all about bringing gamers together.

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We are a small and hopefully growing server. Join to have some fun with some pretty cool people

If you join now you might have a good chance of becoming admin. So far we have 2. That just goes to show how sad this server is. Dont tell the owner that i said that this server is bad.

Great Server to Chat, set up meets, And make new Riding buddies

This is a MUCC (ムック) fan server. While this is mainly for MUCC fans anyone are allowed to join and enjoy the experience. Events will be held in the future.

Small server mainly focused around call of duty. Looking for people to join and possibly que up with. Competitve and casual based, SNIPERS/TRICKSHOTTERS WELCOMED!

🔞HENTAI GODS🔞 Is a discord server dedicated to hentai and other things.

Hello, I am Senior Taco the owner of this server. We are looking to grow our server currently we have 5 staff members, and we have some fun bots such as Epic rpg, Idle Miner, and we had to remove dank memer due to an issue.