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we help you get stuff in minecraft like hacks

A server with a very loose set of rules that are only enforced if it what your doing is worse than toxic. Freedom to post memes in general, post links, and videos! Shitpost to your hearts content, just dont spam.

Discord server for matchmaking, or just chilling and talking to other gamers bout anything you want.

In this sever we will try to give you the best experience in Minecraft but before we get into anything else you must be on Xbox, We are a kind sever to the community and would love you to join you can BUILD Explore and destroy

Elsewhere is a small, 18+, VC ORIENTED server made to hangout, sesh, meet new people & explore the galaxy.

This is a new server, I’m looking for new mods and to grow the server each and everyday! This server has all different channels to talk to each other and share interests!

We are a small anime/gaming based server (also a dating server) The real description is in the long description :p

A fun server to make friends and get to talk about your interests <3 This server is also a very safe space and everyone is welcome!

call of duty pc + ps4 + xbox services

A friendly active gaming and weeb server with a bunch of cool anime & meme emojis. Many Interesting aspects await you in the Space-DMV!

Welcome to Serenity! Serenity is a place where you can have a great time! We welcome everyone, and do not judge you if you are different.

A very interesting server where u can have lots of fun and there is no capitalism and no harsh rules so come and do whatever u want with ur friends and just have fun #havefun #inviteurfrineds #norules

A server for people that want to chill, meet new people, and talk. And for everyone who likes totinos

A place where gamers hang out. Also its for my twitch limmylem thats got 1.2k follows so plz check that out.

we play apex do giveaways and talk in our server #chill