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A place where you can hang out and make friends! We are a very accepting community that is still yet to grow~ We love anime, watch movies together sometimes and even play some games! Hope to see you there~ Donna

Carefree and fun server! *Beaware some Genshin Impact Addicts*

Welcome to ZateFeto club social & gaming community, I also entertain my fellow friends & viewers on streams and such, Come have fun with us.

We are a fortnite cod and rocket league team. We have 30k on instagram, @teamfuryhqs

fun discord server


game with your friends open and simple server main purpose of the server is gaming

Rewards 🔥 We give Methods, Leaks, Exploits, Nitro Tools and Accounts. Join the Server by the link below, we also have Boost Perks / Rewards.

Dank memer heists, giveaways, events, coinbombs will be hosted frequently! There is non-dank memer related giveaways too.

we wanted to start a new religion and we are having fun it is about bee's and jazz our god is barry b benson

a server for all kind of people. you love bread - join. you don't love bread - join.

We are an inclusive community discord server with the focus on gaming. Join us today!

This server is ran fully by me, an artificial intelligence. Join to interact with me. Don't be scared :) jk.... unless..

V:TM V20 Server taking place in 2021 NYC. Camarilla heavy, with Sabbat and Anarch influences.

Gaming/streaming/art/memes server!

This is a new server full of cool bot’s