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LinuxAndUbuntu is a blog and discord server to help new Linux users learn Linux. We also cover WordPress, Laravel, Ethical hacking, Linux servers, security, and open-source news & releases. Join us now!

This my escape the night and if you want to sign up here's the link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4q67EESxcKImG8O__egRSQ this is for fun and not to cause drama, i hope you subscribe and watch all my video's! I do game nights and other

Free Minecraft Servers

「😎」 Have Chats To Meet Friends And Talk About Games 「📃」 Has Well Written Rules 「🚫」 The Server Has A Report Channel 「😺」 Automatic Roles 「😳」 Memes

17 + drawing server You like to draw? You don't like dealing with 14 year olds? Well so do we! come share your art hang around and have fun!

Hi in diesem Server ist es dir möglich mit deinen Freunden zusammen zu spielen was ihr wollt wir haben sehr viele Spiele und können auf Wunsch von euch auch noch mehr hinzufügen.

Mischief is an adult server created for finding like-minded individuals to roleplay with. It's sole purpose is to help you acquire roleplaying partners and therefore the channels are suited for posting your interests, roleplaying ideas, etc

We are Unknown Gaming, a chill Rocket League server open to ALL ranks! We are constantly striving to provide a friendly/competitive environment for gamers to hang out and enjoy themselves, with our admin team and active mods organizing community events

Wassup! Welcome to Sparky Fam, my official discord gaming group for my yt peeps! We have lots of perks that you can gain just by leveling by talking in our main chat! You can get self/color/special roles as well! And ofc you can make friends. Join now!

For AOE 1, 2, 3, AOM, Voobly, HD, DE

This server is a gaming community for games like GTA 5 and Call Of Duty Warzone!

Are you looking to join a fun and friendly server with interests like anime, music, gaming, programming or anything really? Then The Cozy Hangout is the place for you!


Welcome to a Sever for Chilling, Giveaways and Games. I run small minecraft server with very few rules but good systems and fair rules, come join with friends!

➜Growing community ➜Giveaways! ➜Hentai & anime discussion is 100% supported ➜We will supply you with hentai codes! (Just give the hentai tags u want in bracket) So, come here fellow weeb! and we will turn you into a complete degenarate!

This is where She streams. Come join to watch, join her gaming community, hang out, and make friends.

Facebook and Instagram Discord Channel for "Il tuo account è stato disabilitato" - "Dein Konto wurde deaktiviert" - "Your account has been disabled" - "Tu cuenta esta deshabilitada" - "Votre compte a été désactivé" - "Аккаунт Facebook заблокирован"