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Xbox Community DayZ Server

Hiya, we are a small but fast growing, active community for your needs! You can socialise and chat, use bots or simply chill!

God is good! Join our server❤️

Hello, I am Senior Taco the owner of this server. We are looking to grow our server currently we have 5 staff members, and we have some fun bots such as Epic rpg, Idle Miner, and we had to remove dank memer due to an issue.

We are a small community of gamers and content creator, we recently got sponsored by rouge energy. We offer small gamers to become professionals, want to join us?

Welcome to Haven! Here at Haven, our mental health is our priority. If you ever need to vent, get advice, or even just have some new friends, we're here!


We are a group of people from a YouTube channel that makes animations, music, gaming content, memes and more!

• Partnerships & Events. • Leveling System + Chat Colors. • Adorable Emotes. • LGBT+ Friendly Community. • And So Much More!

A place for you to hang out and share your love of Onions with the world.

Hello! Welcome To Esuba Productions USA - West Coast Hosting We currently host a various amount of servers and are always open to hosting more servers per our community requests

chill af

Новостное бюро "Twink" - Наш сервер включает множество сообществ и их число растет, ты сможешь найти свое место

Platzhalter ist ein Gaming Discord mit einem Tic-Tak-Toe Bot, Casino und News Chats für über 10 verschiedene Spiele.

П̶О̶Д̶ ̶З̶Е̶М̶Л̶Е̶Й̶ This is an underground server for all the people who seek chaotic and toxic shit in their lives.

We are a lgbtq and no racism gaming community! Like playing games or talking with others? Join our discord! Come make friends! ☁️discord code: Bd5Vczs