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A really yiffy place to be in, we offer NSFW emojis, roleplay channels, helpful staff and of course loads of lewd yiff, straight, cboy, futa and gay, we have it! Join our active and growing community!

─ ♡⌗﹒૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა ︰are server is a chill - hangout and is focused around making friends and free icons, symbols, and pfps ,, so come join us you wont regret it .ᐟ

After Hourz is strictly 18+ community server! Although it is new, come join us to make friends and socialize! This is a community that is friendly and supportive and with a great social atmosphere.

We are a chill community revolving around games, anime, movies, and random stuff we find on reddit. We have movie nights every weekend, and tons of opt-in roles for tech / politics / nsfw / anime / etc.

Come Join us in our comfy cave! Some of the things we offer: 〚:hearts:〛A Friendly Community! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Partnerships and Giveaways! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Great interactions! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Trying to become bigger! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Unique emotes ✧

Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to The Ultimate Group Chat! This server has all the goodness of a regular Discord server, and more! See the various channels that go over about every interest that you can have and join our amazing community.

Make new friends, take part in fun events / giveaways, hangout in your own private voice channels and promote your services!

Welcome to Cona Island! Please feel to msg/talk in the appropriate channels, this is a Gaming, Music/Production, and Profession based discord, invite your friends as well!

Welcome to OUR Kekistan. Population: 69420 Kekistanis, 0 normies. What we do: - We share fucked up/wholesome memes - We pray to the sauce gods for quality porn regularly - We view movies/tv shows/anime together sometimes :)

Welcome to the Crusade! Here you can find dank memes, good people and great conversations! It's a community server for the Templar Knight media channels, but anyone here is welcome to join!

We are a casual GenX gamer community of Gamers, Creators, and Retro Loving folks. All are welcome!

Sumi's House - The Hangout is a wild, fun, new server for making friends.

Hello! We are the Happy Minds support community. We strive to make the world a happier place by providing free mental health counselling to those in need! Our dedicated support staff team and friendly community will make you feel right at home!

Welcome to Drift Central! Here you will find a community related to everything drifting, Created by the Twitch Channel Drift_Central we hope you enjoy our home as we invite you into our brand new Chill Discord Community Server!

Mewbot is the Best Discord Bot to increase Activity in your server because it engages users by allowing users to catch Pokémon by Guessing their names, building and leveling Pokémon up, and even dueling.

Make friends and chat with people who enjoy watching MCYT, play Discord bot games, and play Minecraft with others!