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a server for Bakugo kinnies and simps! also for normal mha fans!

We play games and stuff

Welcome to Internet Family! The ultimate server for all your chatting needs. Here at The Internet Family Discord Server we focus on making sure everyone has a friend to lean on and a place to vent to. ♡︎ Join us for an awesome time with your new friends.

yea that's about it we have some rules nsfw/erp included

A place where you can play games, Make new friends, show your talent and just chill.

for people who play Pokémon go in Toronto (what else did you expect)

Le MEILLEUR serveur Among Us Français ! Une communauté active et des modérateurs d'enfer ! De l'animations et des youtubeurs connus !

It's a all things JDM but mostly Toyota. You can buy trade and Sell Parts or cars with other members. And you can post rare jdm parts or cars and share knowledge with others.

Welcome to Sexy Burberry, A friendly community server with a wholesome non-toxic community, neatly arranged channels, and more!

✧ A welcoming community for music-lovers of all kinds! Here you can chat about: ♡cultures and food around the world ♡share your artwork ♡movies you're interested in ♡k-pop and k-culture ♡games such as hangman, among us, etc.

Server nou de FiveM. Cautam Staff activ si matur, Lideri Factiuni (Lider SIAS si Lider EMS)

This is a community server, with incredibly active VCs. Feel free to join and just chat in the VC's. Swearing is common here, but other than that this is not an NSFW server.

A Discord Server that enables Gaga Fans from all around the globe to chat.

This server is my friend’s and I’s Twitch community server. There are 50+ members who are kind and enjoy gaming. We’re all respectful and wholesome. Mostly PS4 players but we’re looking to expand and meet new wonderful people 💛

Royalty is a fun chat where you can post memes, stream, talk in voice chat, use bots and make new friends!