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Looking for giveaways, cool roles and friends? Well, this is the server!

Welcome to Dekmeme! This is a nice server with lots of channels to talk and thrive in. There's also channels to promote your social medias! There's a general chat, a meme channel and so much more to this lovely server.

Welcome to a randomized server, where our members use the server, play games etc... We are looking for active members to join the server.


Have you ever wondered how much talent you really have? If so you should join this server! You get to show judges your talents and get prizes (No not money) if you win! Don't be shy, show us what you got!

This is a Rocket League server, everyone is welcome. You can post your clips, trade and find new teammates! Managed by StefanFace on TikTok.

WarriorCreed is a upcoming Minecraft server based off of the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter. There will be a large mod that will be paired with the server upon release.

it is a community server for my twitch followers where people can talk to me and each other whether I'm live or not. I feel like this server will help me get to know the people that watch me and help them get to know me.

Un server per veri gamer!

This server has all 195 IRL countries for you to roleplay in, and if all the countries are filled, fear not, Soldiers, Prisoners, and Parliment still exist!

IVX Chats is a community based server that started out with just me and da bois but its grown significantly. Please join this server if you like hatting or if you are seeing this, just give it a try.

Searching for a premade team on Valorant the same rank as you? Or maybe for different Valorant players for a different reason? We got you!

Social family friendly gaming server, not always playing games, we sometimes watch movies together or do other activities.

Free emotes | Economy RP | Gaming/Streamer Community

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a roleplay server for twisted wonderland!