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Wir sind ein Discord mit einer kleinen Community und auf der suche nach neuen Leuten

Safe place for all anime & gaming lovers and chill peeps !

Finding a chill community to __slack off, relax and hang out in__? If you are, **The Hydeout is the place to be!**

The Gay House is an LGBTQIA server that strives off being a friendly, welcoming community. We have our own bots, games, memes and more channels for your use. This server was created in March 2021 by Jack N in order to create a new environment.

We're an NSFW 18+ :underage: new active community with interactive Anti-RAID services, with also cool people you should talk to, BOTS in every channel:scream:! We made this server for your pleasure and to enjoy the time spent with us!!! :heart:

This is a server for Albertans who are: - Pagans - Alt crowd - LGBTQ+ - POC/BIPOC Come be part of the growing community with giveaways, ability to promote your business (or someone elses), chats galore and fun bots to play with.

This server is the one and only way to obtain the original species Koros!

A server looking to grow its community! We Have: Fun Bots Friendly Community Chill Staff Events and other stuff planned! Hope to see you there!

Here, we are the Community of the newly added game, MHA: The Strongest Hero

welcome to the unexpected we stream in the portal we host game servers we support each other

Just chill boogaloo's, looking to game and meet new people.

Music is cool. Get to know and find new stuff on music! 😉

Music streams, podcasts, gaming, live events, tournaments.

MacAppCoupons: coupons to enjoy Mac Apps for less money.

Strife is a community of people who don't care who you are is your gay, straight, transgender we accept everyone. Every week we hold a listening party 🎉 where we all play our favourite songs and bands.

Hello we are a very new server hoping to grow and add more people into our server we have the choice between canon characters OCs friendly people online and friendly bots that are somewhat interactive We hope that you will join