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My discord is fairly new so bare with me as I get things set up. Thank you so much for all of the support and I hope you enjoy your time here

Crida117 official server Tanta gente con cui parlare; Un sistema di ranking; Staff disponibile; Candidature staff aperte; Tanti bot per divertirti; 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞 al raggiungimento di obbiettivi Vocal per chillare; ﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎

♥ Do you choose to enter? ♥ 『』Ⓨⓔⓢ 『』Ⓝⓞ ˇˇ Scroll if Yes ˇˇ Welcome to the Cloud Cafe! Please Read Rules when entering :D This is a 13+ Server! It's a safe community and we do lots of events; movies, fashion events, art contests, etc!

We are a brand new pumping community that wants to generate profits for everyone! Weekly giveaways for cash and cryptocurrency here! We are committed to a 100% one-for-all platform. Join us and be among the first to make honest profits in the crypto

Welcome to Capricorn Sanctuary! A gaming community to hang out and meet other Capri's in a toxic free zone to make friends. A place to be who you are naturally with no judgement. All members must be 18+ and know how to play well with others.

The best community for people sharing media or wanting to watch something.

NFT community based Discord! We are focused solely on Solana NFTs that release and do our absolute best to provide you with as much research and overall information as much as possible.

We are a active and accepting community of gamers and people who just want to vibe! We host monthly giveaways (starting soon) as well as other events. Cmon in and join the party! :)

Global emote server. pepe's, peepo's, kekw, pogchamps, and whatever else.

Giveaways every 1-2 weeks! Server for Emojis, Streams, Videos, Anime and Open Source Projects Shared for free to use!

Just a server I made as a joke kinda no rules and stuff

Dieser Discord Server, gehört zu "Lost-Ark.org", eine Fanseite zum kommenden MMORPG Lost Ark und steht in keiner Verbindung zu Smilegate

A fun hangout server!

Suck at Rocket League? Join to get better with other people your level and get advice from higher level players. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Sunucu dertli kişilerin dertlerine derman bulduğu. Napim diyenlerin mute yediği bir server. Kolayca rol kazanabilirsiniz. Kişiye ver derdime dermana ihtiyacım var ; )

This is a Dungeon Quest based server. Dungeon Quest is a roblox game!